Thursday, August 25, 2011

You need: a Breathing Warrant of Fitness

A few weeks back I posted about my experiences with both good and bad breathing, and the great work done by the marvellous Dinah Bradley at Breathing Works.
I had a lot of feedback on the piece, and a lot of people confess to me that they know they are bad breathers, and would love some help finetuning one of the body’s greatest tools for relaxation. Well you’re in luck, because Dinah is now doing a half hour Breathing Warrant of Fitness appointment at Breathing Works’ re:ab clinic for just $70.00.
Breathing badly is a major stress in and of itself. In a recent newspaper article Grant Amos - who runs Fear of Flying courses - stated 100 per cent of his clients are chronic hyperventilators, and that New Zealanders in general are a nation of terrible breathers. The term hyperventilation means moving far too much air through your chest - no wonder it aches.
Acute hyperventilation is easy to spot – rapid mouth breathing, sweaty palms, rapid anxious speech and frightening mental and physical symptoms, and it goes away. Chronic over-breathing is much more subtle with frequent sighing and chronic tiredness to the fore. And it stays.Do either of these sound familiar to you?
If they do, join the Slow Breathing Movement and treat yourself to a half hour Breathing Warrant of Fitness at Breathing Works’ re:ab clinic with Dinah.
This limited offer is open until September 21st – the beginning of Spring. Get in there!

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