Try it: Aroha Rocks hot stone massage love!

Beautiful brunette Rosanna Marks (pictured) is the principal therapist at Mind Body Institute, which she opened at the West Lynn end of Richmond Road back in 2008. She calls herself a “facilitator of transformational processes”, working as a holistic therapist, Reiki master, belly dancer and advanced teacher of ancient philosophies. From her beautifully appointed rooms Rosanna – who in a previous life worked for Chanel and Estee Lauder - practices the likes of mirimiri (traditional Maori massage), Hawaiian Ka Huna bodywork, Egyptian undulating heart breath, chakra balancing, kundalini massage techniques and organic facial therapy (with French skincare range Phyt’s), as well as Aroha Healing, which is a true fusion of Rosanna’s work. Internationally trained in many indigenous healing modalities, the vivacious therapist uses a fusion of ancient traditional practice combined with a modern twist.
One of her treatments that I highly recommend for the long, cold winter months is Aroha Rocks, which incorporates hot stone therapy. Hot stone massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that dates back thousands of years to the Middle East. The ancient Hawaiian Kahunas incorporated hot stones into their massage, and Hawaiian ili ili hot stone massage is a beautiful flowing massage ritual that is deeply relaxing to the extreme!
Aroha Rocks has been developed by Mind Body Institute using a fusion of Hawaiian ili ili and mirimiri (traditional Maori massage), and really does have to be experienced to be believed. Aroha hot rock therapy is ideal for extreme tension in the muscles and calming of the nervous system. When the body is so tense and stressed that a regular massage is too painful, this is the body treatment to choose. Beginning with long smooth flowing strokes, the muscles are gently nurtured and softened for the heated stones to work their magic. Placed on points of tension, the heat emanating from the stones sinks gently into the tissues to leave you with a feeling of calm, more balanced and deeply relaxed. The treatment also accelerates healing and rehabilitation, relieves muscular tension and stress, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and can correct digestive disorders. The special treatment session is closed with a gentle chakra balancing.
Sounds heavenly? It's about the closest you'll get.


  1. Is his the same Rossana Marks that is the Director of Mind, Body Institute? My friend was a client of hers, she didnt recognise her from the photos, that seem to be everywhere over the internet. I think if you are trying to use your face to sell your business, you should at least be honest about how you actually look. I would be interested in what Consumer Affairs would say about this. It is confusing to work out whether she wants to be seen as a serious professional or a "goddess" offering, "hot hands, and "bliss". In the next vein, she has now completed a foundation Psychotherapist course and calling yourself a "Sexual Therapist"....
    ... I think she should be real about her qualifications. There are no regulations in the Holistic realm, but you really need to have at least an undergraduate degree and post grad specialist study with a registration to be a therapist. When you cross the line, from massage tantra worker, etc etc and makeup artist into serious professionalism ie Psychotherapy and sexual therapist, then you need to have some serious qualifications behind it.
    Honesty is paramount in the professional

    Im sure the stone massage is wonderful

  2. I've been a client of Rosanna's for a while now and that is definitely her in the photo - I don't know about the rest but her reiki work is amazing :-)

  3. Rosanna is the most beautiful, amazing 'therapist' I have ever worked with. I seriously think that's a bit lame, trying to question qualifications- she isn't saying she is anything she isn't! I have 2 friends who go to her regularly and one recently fell pregnant after years of trying. I think if there is one thing Rosanna does, it is that she helps people understand themselves better, she doesn't offer miracles, she offers the space and opportunity for people to explore and truly understand themselves. I can't speak highly enough of what she does. And also, to Anonymous, I'm offended on Rosannas behalf about your comments on her photo, that's just so rude, suggesting consumer affairs get involved, what??

  4. Mmmhh I really not sure what the implication is that your trying to make. Like the others I can concur that the picture is definitely Rosanna ... I am also aware of her training and education and marketing and do not believe that she has ever marketed herself as anything other than what she is. You say a friend of your is a client ? Perhaps rather than going by hearsay you should go and see her for yourself ? she is a rather unique and amazing individual who has managed to turn my life around on several occasions. I will always be indebted to her.


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