Monday, August 29, 2011

Bigger, better! Evolu Smoothing Body Lotion

New Zealand natural beauty powerhouse Evolu’s Smoothing Body Lotion has often been called “a botanical smoothie for the skin” with good reason. A heady mix of natural ingredients and goodies like avocado, lime and New Zealand native kanuka, it was recently reformulated for even faster absorption and now comes in a bumper 200ml tube – that’s 75 per cent more than before, but still retailing for only NZD $29.95. Love that!
If you don’t know this product already then I strongly suggest that you make its acquaintance ASAP, as it’s a true wonder. The active botanical ingredients in the super nourishing body lotion act in combination to hydrate, refine surface texture, and promote healthy circulation. Especially suitable for dry skin and targeting problem areas such as elbows, knees and heels, the lightweight lotion is easily absorbed, meaning no oily after-feel and year-round use. Come the heady, warm days of summer you’ll still be able to slap it on after a day at the beach, and soak up its delicious scent. But don’t wait til then – grab some now!

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  1. I used the previous body lotion that Evolu had.. and I broke out on my legs every time I used it.. ;-(