Meet Shavata: master of The Perfect Arch

Over the last couple of years brows have really come to the forefront in beauty circles – brow trends are charted as closely as the statement bag, and getting them right can take years – and even pounds! – off your face.
In my experience, the key is having them professionally tended to every five or six weeks, then having the right tools at home to keep them looking polished in between. There are a plethora of brow-centric brands and tools out there, with the latest to hit New Zealand being the Shavata line created by British brow guru Shavata Singh (pictured). Shavata has forged a reputation as The Brow Expert to go to in the UK, and with over 20 years experience in the professional beauty industry, she has combined her expertise, practical skills and proven methods to create her specialist signature line of precision tools and innovative retail products to groom, define and enhance the brows. These professional precision tools reduce strain on fingers and increase control for meticulous accuracy, and are the next best thing to visiting one of her famous doors.
I had a quick chat to her about brows, and quizzed her for any insider tips on keeping them looking perfect:
What are the key things to think about when choosing the ideal brow shape for your face?
Always follow your natural brow shape. If you naturally have a thick shape and want to make it thin, you will continuously be plucking them. So make the best of what you have and do not fight nature.

Brow trends seem to come and go all the time, what is the ideal shape for right now?
Very thick – with a wider arch.

Were you always in the beauty industry in some shape or form, prior to launching your brow bars?
Always - since I was 18. I don’t know any other industry.

When you first opened your first bar did you ever envisage how successful they would become?
No, I really did not.

Do you prefer threading or waxing, and why?
I like both but it also depends on the client’s personal choice. Also depending on the hair type I will choose accordingly what will work best for them.

How often do you recommend getting your brows shaped professionally?
Every 4-6 weeks.

What is your favourite tool that you can't do without, your desert island pick?
I have two - Pointed Tweezers and Brow Tamer.

Her portfolio of professional tools includes Precision Pointed Tweezers (Swiss made, precisely aligned and perfect for gripping the shortest, finest hairs and for ingrown hair removal, award-winning Slanted Tweezers, cute Heart Shaped Tweezers and a
Brow/Lash Brush and Comb. She also offers nifty Eyebrow Scissors and products to groom, define and enhance the brows like Brow Tamer (a clear brow mascara that doesn’t flake) and an Arch Enhancer – a jumbo pencil for enhancing and accentuating the perfect brow, with light reflecting pigments to highlight the arch.
Altogether an amazing collection of goodies that you definitely need to get your hands on and try if you like to rock a perfect brow.
For New Zealand stockists have a look here.


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