What a steal: Natio Colourful Smokey Eyes

A beauty brand that has become synonymous with clever products at amazing prices, Natio never fail to disappoint in the “what a steal” category.
Their newest makeup collection goes by the name Colourful Smokey Eyes, and it includes two very cool new universal eyeshadow quads that each house four individual tones: a Base shade, Colour shade, Dark shade and Liner shade. They come complete with a dual ended eyeshadow/eyeliner brush, and cost a ridiculously low $21.00.
The palette called Golden Sunset is a riot of soft gold-tinged tones, and is made up of Cream (a milky crema), Gold (honey gold), Bronze (metallic brown) and Black (metallic ebony). At the other end of the spectrum, the Midnight
Sky palette channels an alluring lavender smokey eye with plum accents for a softer effect. Hues in this baby are Cream (a milky crema), Lilac (pearly lilac), Plum (deep plum liqueur) and Charcoal (ashen grey). Adding more than simply a pretty wash of pigment to your eyelids, Vitamin E and Silk Powder are infused throughout the palettes. The Vitamin E helps to protect against environmental stress and enhances skin smoothness, while Silk Powder, which is rich in silk amino acids, helps retain moisture in the skin to prevent any dryness and provides a light, silky skin-feel.
The suggested how-to for these palettes from those clever types at Natio is:
1. Firstly open the eyes by dusting the Base shade (Cream) over the entire eyelid up to the brow bone.
2. Cover the eyelid with the Colour shade (Lilac or Gold) to the crease to highlight the colour of your eyes.
3. Define the shape of your eyes by applying the Dark shade (Plum or Bronze) along the upper and lower lash lines and through the crease of the eye. Blend thoroughly.
4. Accentuate the definition of your eyes by applying the Liner shade (Charcoal or Black) in a finer line over the Plum or Bronze colour.
Too easy!


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