Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Daily delight: Emily Ratajkowski for Oyster magazine

Love it: Aesop's elegant new Redemption Body Scrub

Legendary skincare name Aesop opened its first New Zealand store a couple of months ago in Auckland, and I for one could not have been happier. I make frequent visits just for a gander and a sniff (not creepy, promise!) and have several of their products on my Christmas wish list.
Aesop is not your regular high-end skincare company. There are no big promises, no celebrity endorsements, no glossy packaging and no advertising. As a brand, they are committed to celebrating science by integrating both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, and the efficacy of their product formulations is world renowned. An interview with Aesop General Manager of Retail and Customer Relations Suzanne Santos told us “you need a blend of well-chosen man-made ingredients with exceptional botanical ingredients to make remarkable products”, and I personally have never met an Aesop product I didn’t like. I first encountered the brand many years ago on a trip to Sydney and after washing my hands with their premier luxury soap, I was irrevocably hooked. 
Aesop’s blend of science and nature slaps aside the ridiculous hyperbole that defines much of the beauty industry, and that includes their new launches, which are carefully considered. The latest is Redemption Body Scrub, a beautiful new addition to their incredibly chic line of body, skin, and hair products. The Aesop line is well-edited and strategically curated based on common concerns and heavenly scents, and the latest release is perfectly in line with the upcoming summer months and the shedding of many layers.
The super fine-grained scrub contains finely milled pumice and bamboo stem to slough away tired cells and residual grime, polishing skin thoroughly and preparing it for hydration (often Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm, in my case). In addition to the particles of pumice and bamboo stem, the delicate yet effective formula also contains pine- and fir-needle oils, giving it a clean, earthy, scent that is wonderfully unisex. Aside from the exfoliation benefits, Redemption Body Scrub also contains a gentle cleanser and leaves skin feeling polished and beautifully softened.
To maintain meticulously smooth skin, Aesop recommends you apply this once or twice a week while showering; massaging liberally onto damp skin before rinsing thoroughly. Heavenly.
This beauty is in store now and would make the perfect Christmas gift for him or her, RRP $43.00.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Daily delight: Miranda Kerr for Marella AW 17

Love it: Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie bases

One of the best things about having smoothies in the morning – or in fact, any time of day – is the ease with which one can be whipped up. Grab ingredients, chuck ‘em in the Nutribullet and bang – you’re good to go. But what about those moments when the supermarket has been a stretch due to the pressures of well, life, and your ingredient arsenal is seriously lacking?
Here’s where the Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Base comes in, a relative newcomer to my life that has quickly made itself right at home! Available now and desperate to lay claim to your freeze space, Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases are 100 per cent natural, pure, blended, small batch smoothie bases. Not just an overpriced sack of pre-chopped bananas and squished berries, they are packed full of energy boosters to supercharge your day in the form of a delicious blend of mango, banana, passionfruit, linseed and ginger, with a hint of turmeric and black pepper.
Easy to make – seriously just 30 seconds from freezer to shake – they taste great with whatever milk is on hand (I have mine with coconut and it’s amazing) and mean no prep, waste or clean up. Goddamn magic.
Unlike some others I have tried they contain no nasty business like added colours, flavours or preservatives, with the only challenge being squeezing the goodness out of its packaging (I find warming them a little under the hot tap helps). I’ve been adding everything from Super Elixir green powder to protein, chia seeds and oats to the mix and all have worked just fine – so you can customise without fear!
In a press release at the time of the launch of the bases, Brad Tilby, marketing manager Goodness Kitchen says they aim to give busy Kiwis a simple, quick way to enjoy a healthful life. “In the Goodness Kitchen we are all about creating fresh flavours and invigorating blends full of goodness, enabling consumers to enjoy their smoothie knowing that it not only tastes great, but it’s good for them too,” he says. “Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases are the perfect way to inject some much-needed energy into a hectic schedule,” he added, and we all know someone with one of those.
Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases (RRP $9.99; 4x 120g sachets) are available from supermarkets and gourmet food stores nationwide and come highly recommended.

For more information, visit www.goodnesskitchen.co.nz.

Daily delight: Jennifer Lawrence for Vanity Fair

Hair how to: Gigi Hadid at the AMAs, by ghd stylist Bryce Scarlett

Supermodel Gigi Hadid may have had six different looks (yes, six whole goddamn looks!) in her on-stage wardrobe for the recent American Music Awards, but the glam-tastic host had one true constant: brushed-back, softly sexy curls that looked flawless with her every move.
The no-part trend (for want of a better phrase) has been all over the runways of late, but Hadid sported her very own high-volume take on the trend, her signature blonde hair teased tall rather than slicked down (as seen at some of the edgier shows).
The stylist in charge of creating the statement look was Bryce Scarlett, who works with ghd. “For her red carpet look, Gigi was wearing a gorgeous white lace gown that had a sexy 70’s vibe,” he said of her custom Cavalli, “and we wanted her hair to reflect that too. We took inspiration from Lauren Hutton and went for brushed back curls that would look glamorous, but still effortless.”
The look was the perfect marriage of volume and curls, and he kindly gave the beauty press a bit of a ‘how to’:
1. To get a lot of volume, Scarlett used the ghd air hairdryer and the ghd natural bristle radial brush in size 4, blowing out her hair up and away from her face. 
2. Once it was dry, he sprayed some thickening spray and backcombed it through. Since Gigi and her team wanted big voluminous curls, he then used the ghd curve soft curl tong to curl her hair. The one and a quarter inch barrel creates nice, bouncy curls, which was exactly what they were going for. 
3. Once her hair was curled, the stylist brushed her hair back to soften the look, giving it
a more relaxed vibe and the ability to effortlessly complement whatever dress she wore. 
4. Next, he teased the top for a little extra volume and used the ghd Platinum Styler to touch it up and get rid of any flyaways. 
5. Just before she walked out the door, he set the look with LOTS of hair spray.
In a word: flawless. And coincidentally perfect for party season...

Friday, November 25, 2016

Daily delight: Penelope Cruz for Vogue Spain

Beauty news: NZ’s Trilogy becomes carboNZero certified

New Zealand sustainable beauty pioneer Trilogy has become a carboNZero certified carbon-neutral organisation through Enviro-Mark Solutions’ certification programme. 
The carboNZero programme is the world’s first internationally accredited greenhouse gas (GHG) certification scheme under ISO 14065. It provides tools for organisations, products, services and events to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (otherwise known as carbon footprint) and offset them. The programme is owned and operated by Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Landcare Research.
The company says in a release that joining the carboNZero programme is a natural extension of Trilogy’s long-standing commitment to ethical, environmental and social responsibility. With a long history of supporting charities, community groups and recent steps into ‘impact investing’, the brand is well known for its sustainability principles, which form the foundations of how the business operates.
Angela Buglass, CEO of parent company Trilogy International Ltd, was invited to speak at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in Hong Kong last week, where she presented Trilogy’s sustainability principles and talked to key industry stakeholders about the process of becoming carbon-neutral and the importance of independent certification of this achievement.
Commenting on why Trilogy is carbon-neutral, Angela said: “As New Zealand’s number one natural skincare brand, we want to show leadership in this area and demonstrate our commitment to our values. Climate change is a risk factor in our industry – producing top quality natural skincare depends on sourcing top quality plant-based ingredients and poor growing seasons can impact supply of raw materials. We choose to do what we can to mitigate our impact, both for our business and for our world.”
Trilogy invests in carbon credits from Pigeon Bush in Wairarapa and Hinewai Reserve near Christchurch, which are permanent native forest regeneration projects. Forests act as carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also allow native biodiversity to flourish, reduce soil erosion and improve catchment water quality. 
The glass bottles and jars for Trilogy’s most popular products are manufactured in India, so the brand also purchases carbon credits from a wind farm project in India where the electricity generated by this project displaces fossil fuel-generated electricity from the national grid, helping reduce emissions.
There exists clear evidence of a shift in people’s buying behaviour towards brands which have a positive impact on the world, a fact which I am definitely buoyed by. Let the conscious consumer steer the way I reckon - it'll benefit us all in the end!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Daily delight: Kaia Gerber for Marc Jacobs Beauty

Love it: the Eithne Curran Black Collection

I have known hair and makeup artist Eithne Curran since I was in my late teens, which in all honesty was some time ago (shhhh)! She was passionate about her craft then and she still is now, and her latest creative endeavour is one of her most exciting yet.
Called the Eithne Curran Black Collection, it’s a luxurious New Zealand-made haircare lineup that blends “rich heritage, ethical science, and luxurious natural ingredients” and is set to give new meaning to the phrase ‘beauty with a conscience’. Beautiful to look at and a joy to use, it is also refreshingly simple in an age of multi-prooduct lines that can confuse the average consumer.
Made up of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Restore Treatment, it uses a ‘Botanical Cleansing System’ of 20 pure plant essences across the range that complements the hair and skin’s natural essences. All products in Eithne’s range are pH neutral, contain no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oils, petroleum or synthetic dyes, are 100 per cent vegan and never tested on animals, which if you’ve ever met her you will know is a given! To bring her vision to life, Eithne partnered with New Zealand scientist and philanthropist Sir Ray Avery, who was able to provide the scientific insight that she needed alongside her expansive industry knowledge.
“Over the years, I found myself quite often coming across hair that lacked natural volume and body and was difficult to work with,“ Eithne says. “Rather than add product after chemical-laden product on top of the hair to create the effect I was after, I realised beautiful, healthy hair starts at the basin – you need to target the root of the problem, and it can be done entirely naturally.” 
Above all, Eithne is passionate about creating a product that conveys an inherently ethical and sustainable brand ethos that reflects her own beliefs. Her Irish and Polynesian heritage has played a part in shaping her brand over the years, and she strives to continue in the footsteps of ancestors who understood the importance of the ethical use of nature in beauty care, without sacrificing results. Clearly an advocate of the ‘slow beauty’ ethos, she says the Black Collection is “not just designed to completely care for hair naturally, but also to make you think about and acknowledge simplicity, purity and integrity in every aspect of your life”. 
Eithne firmly believes that less is more and all hair types need just one beautifully and carefully scientifically formulated range to thrive. “These products are truly for everyone – yourself, your children, your friends, your husband, your mum, whoever!,” says the stylist and creator. “We’ve done the scientific research for a reason – so that you don’t need to read the fine print or worry whether or not it’s going to work for your hair.” 
So what are they like to use? Well I have tried them on the whole family and received two thumbs up and then some for all and sundry (I have yet to try them on the dogs but hey, give me time!). The shampoo smells incredible and leaves your hair feeling cleansed but no stripped clean of all goodness, whilst the conditioner – which uses a lush blend of botanicals and rich ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter and jojoba oil – is an absolute revelation. Last up, the Restore Treatment has done wonders for my damaged ends, and will definitely be getting a workout when I’m in the sea and the pool over the summer months. Luxury hair treatment self care time? Bring it on with this beauty!
I think this kit would make a lovely Christmas gift for that difficult person to buy for - check out the packaging, above - or just for a conscious treat to one's self. Eithne Curran products are available online at www.eithnecurran.com and selected salons nationwide. For more information or to locate your nearest stockist visit www.eithnecurran.com 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Daily delight: Lily Aldridge for ELLE Italy

All about: Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Skincare Collection kit

One of the best ways to try a new skincare collection – if that’s what you’re in the mood for – is to pick up a kit of trial sized products or a travel kit, and I’ve found that the best brands out there often offer a variety of both. This is usually maximised over the Christmas period, when gifting is a big deal – and that includes gifts to self!
Mecca Beauty is always one of the best beauty destinations to offer a plethora of killer kits around the time of the silly season, and one which I am most definitely rating this year is one for the natural beauties: Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Skincare Collection kit (below).
Supermodel, actor and eco entrepreneur Maran (above, hello gorgeous) is most definitely in the natural beauty category, and has built a more than respectable beauty line around argan oil.  Growing over the years from just a few key products, her Argan-infused skincare and makeup collection is now pretty vast, and uses a powerhouse of pure, plant-based ingredients to nourish your skin. I love that!
A homegrown organic beauty expert, Maran was raised in a bit of a boho household in Northern California, and has long been an advocate of natural, unpretentious beauty. Her collection reflects that, and is super luxurious as well as easy to use. No crazy serum layering or ingredient lists a mile long here – just beautiful products that feel good to apply and work.
The Argan Oil Skincare Collection kit I am talking about today is a great pick for normal and dry skin types who want to address the likes of dryness, dullness and uneven skintone/texture. It includes a complete nourishing Argan Oil regimen, starting with a delicious Argan Cleansing Oil. It feels like a simple formula but is actually a three-in-one cleansing oil, makeup remover, and moisturising treatment that removes daily makeup and dirt. Follow it up with Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment, which is a lightweight yet super-intensive serum that penetrates deeply and absorbs quickly to plump, repair, and preserve skin. 
Top this with Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter, which has to be my favourite product in the pack and feels AMAZING. Featuring 100 per cent Pure Argan Oil that has actually been whipped to perfection into a lightweight yet nourishing face cream, it infuses the skin with instant hydration and has to be played with to be believed. Last but not least, the kit contains a 50ml bottle of Josie’s signature 100 per cenr Pure Argan Oil that is designed to be used wherever and whenever you need it. Love that.
It goes without saying that the kit contains no Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates, and with an RRP of $78.00 is an absolute steal if trying this beautiful range sounds like your bag.
Check out more about it – and Mecca’s other beautiful gifting options – here.

Daily delight: Gigi Hadid for Allure magazine

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

All about: M.A.C Cosmetics Limited Edition X Helmut Newton

The iconic photos of Helmut Newton have long served as one of my ultimate beauty inspirations, and I reckon I’m not alone. The models’ smudged smokey eyes, mega lashes and vampy red lips are about as timeless as it gets when it comes to a makeup look, and when I heard that the always-awesome M.A.C Cosmetics was releasing a Newton-inspired collection I was pretty damn excited. And now it’s here, in all its limited edition glory. 
The global beauty brand says that the petite collection is designed to “celebrate the erotically charged and elegant work “of the legendary photographer, whose legend endures to this day. A regular contributor to Vogue and Vanity Fair, Newton is known for his precise, glamorous and empowering photography of women. This limited-edition colour collection captures the photographer’s provocative, exquisite taste, dressing wine-stained lips in sultry rouge while darkening eyes in the black and white shades of his signature aesthetic. Nails are lacquered in killer shades inspired by Monte Carlo and Berlin, two of his homes. And if all that wasn’t enough to reel you in, a selection of Newton’s most iconic photographs adorns the bespoke packaging.
M.A.C Cosmetics Senior Vice President/Creative Director, James Gager has said of the collection:
“I have always greatly admired Helmut Newton’s work – the precision and glamour of his images, as well as the strength and elegance of the women that he photographed. It is an honour to be able to create a makeup collection that captures his provocative vision in a M.A.C way.” 

My top picks from the collection are:
Point n’ Shoot: an eye shadow quad that accentuates eyes in classic-glam neutral shades for the ultimate in femme fatale allure
High Heels: a pure red, retro matte lip colour inspired by Newton that provides lasting colour in a liquid-suede finish and literally wears for days
Berlin: a long-lasting, high impact nail colour that won't fade, dull or streak and turns every nail into a talon
Upward Black: an upward lash formula mascara that creates high-rise levels of volume, length and curl in seconds
But the last word must go to Tiggy Maconochie, Worldwide Agent, the Helmut Newton Estate who says: “M.A.C supports Helmut Newton’s desire to have his photographs seen, celebrated and enjoyed.  He liked to push the boundaries of what is acceptable while remaining chic and dynamic. Like Helmut Newton, M.A.C pushes boundaries in beauty, gender and beyond.  Both are simultaneously modern and classic as well as empowering.” Couldn't have put it better myself.
The  M.A.C Cosmetics Limited Edition X Helmut Newton collection is available right now from select authorized M.A.C locations nationwide. Get in there!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Daily delight: Alicia Keys for Elle UK

Love it: Sodashi Arabian Oud Body Oil

A new Sodashi product always takes time to come to fruition, mainly due to the absolute quest for perfection constantly adhered to by the company’s inspirational founder, the wonderful Megan Larsen.
Considered by many to be “the purest skincare brand in the world”, Sodashi is an Australian skincare company that has successfully harnessed the benefits of natural ingredients to produce effective, chemical-free skin care products and spa therapies since 1999. As a lover of those rare moments when all natural-meets-high performance in the world of beauty, I fell in love with it pretty much on sight, and have never looked back.
Sodashi products are formulated using a unique combination of biochemistry, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic principles, and are all produced at the company’s own laboratory in Fremantle in Western Australia. A Sanskrit word, Sodashi translates to ‘wholeness, purity and radiance’ – the values on which the company and its products are based. As well as producing beautiful, desirable products, their absolute commitment to working in harmony with nature is reflected across all areas of the business, a factor you can’t help but admire. Not a single synthetic chemical, preservative or fragrance is used in the Sodashi manufacturing process. Products are never tested on animals and Sodashi packaging is recyclable and printed with natural vegetable dyes, and they must be doing something right as the range is available at many of most exclusive resorts and spas worldwide.
With all that in mind, news of a new Sodashi product is always a reason for celebration, with the latest being the deeply therapeutic and really very luxe Arabian Oud Body Oil. At its heart is the gloriously rich complexity that makes Oud the most prized wood in aromatherapy. This is then complemented with the grounding aromas of Frankincense and Sandalwood and last up comes calming Rose, the combo making for a balanced, beautiful and surprisingly understated yet still-decadent blend. The above is added to the highest quality cold pressed botanical oils - macadamia, almond, apricot kernel and jojoba - for an ultra hydrating, super nourishing treat for all that ails you from the neck down. 
Having said that, it also works on the emotions - a factor common to all Sodashi products and what has made those that have tried the brand fall instantly in love. Oud has a profound ability to release stored emotions. It deeply calms and soothes the nervous system, making it the perfect tonic for tiredness and stress, bringing about a deep sense of renewal. It brings stillness, focus and clarity to the mind, and it is said that Buddha himself referred to the burning oil as the scent of Nirvana!
I have been using this beautiful blend on my skin at night after a bath for the dreamiest of sleeps, but you can also actually add a few drops  to your bath for an even more indulgent, super nourishing skin treat. You can reportedly also use it in the hair, which I haven’t tried as yet but damn, if it doesn’t sound divine. At NZD $159.00 for 100ml Arabian Oud Body Oil doesn’t come cheap, but when you consider the fact that at $9,200.00 per kilo, the pure Oud that Sodashi employs in this exquisite blend is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world, well... it is worth it. And then some.
It goes without saying that like all Sodashi products, Arabian Oud Body Oil is toxin-free and made using the highest quality plant oils and extracts ethically sourced from around the world. No synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances are used in the manufacture of the range and products are never tested on animals. Hurrah for that.
Sodashi Arabian Oud Body Oil is available now, for stockists visit www.sodashi.com 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Daily delight: Lady Gaga for Harper’s Bazaar US

All about: the amazing, ethical and beautiful Ethique

I first encountered the Ethique brand in its previous guise, as solid beauty bar brand Sorbet. I was intrigued by the concept from the get go, and seeing it transform over the past year or so into Ethique has been fantastic.
Essentially, Ethique is a 100 per cent solid skin and hair care company based in Christchurch. They proudly say they are “committed to making amazing-smelling, seriously bubbly hair, face and body bars using natural ingredients and minimal packaging”, are climate neutral and cruelty free and come complete with the slogan: give up the bottle!
The super clever Brianne West is the founder of Ethique, and started mixing up unique formulas in her kitchen way back in 2012. She wanted to create products that were fun to use whilst being a bit different, and she was adamant that she didn't want contribute to the massive amounts of wasteful packaging in the industry. Soon she wanted to take the business to the next level, so in June last year she and her small team ran an equity crowdfunding campaign. The firm raised its maximum target of $200,000, with 138 investors taking a 16 per cent stake in the sustainable beauty bar company. Clearly she isn’t alone in being concerned about the fact that New Zealanders throw out over 50 million shampoo and conditioner bottles every year. Each takes more than 500 years to degrade in a landfill and even those that are sent to be recycled might not end up being reused, and West has been determined to help turn those figures around.
She has now developed over 30 solid beauty bars in a collection that includes cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers, household cleaners and even a self-tanning bar. All are made with sustainable, naturally derived ingredients, and the fact that they are solid means they last for ages as they’re so concentrated – one bar can last as long as five bottles of its liquid relative. You can feel smug about opting for Ethique over other brands too as every bar bought helps them support their carefully chosen charity partners; SAFE, WSPA, Greenpeace & HUHA. Awesome!
So, what are they actually like to use? Well of all of the ones I have tried, my favourites are the cleansing bars thus far – and there are a few options. In Your Face is the pick for Oily-Normal skin, whilst the new-ish Bliss Bar is the pick for Normal-Dry. The real standout for me is the SuperStar! Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover, which you could actually classify as a moisturiser too as it leaves behind a nice layer of hydration without being slick or greasy. It is created using a combination of cocoa butter, kokum butter, coconut oil and cleansing castor oil, whilst the addition of Sweet Orange essential oil helps break down oil and grease and leaves you smelling super sweet. To use this puppy, start by wetting both bar and your hands with warm water, then rub the bar between the hands until a small amount of product has been deposited. Massage that into a wet face - concentrating a little longer on congested areas – then simply rinse with warm water. Magic.
I've been playing with a couple of the brand's new masks of late and don't think I have them nailed yet, but the amazing ethose behind Ethique means I am determined to persevere!
To find out more about Ethique – or even become a tester! – and to order some of your own, head here.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Daily delight: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for ELLE Korea

All about: Ecoya for Christmas 2016

There is nothing like the scent of a freshly chopped Christmas tree to get you in the mood for a carol or two, but along with that comes dropped needles, hay fever and the inevitable question of where to dump the damn thing once it is past its prime.
The solution – and an incredibly delicious solution at that – is picking up one (or two, or three) of Ecoya’s Fresh Pine Needles candles, one of two options from the locally-based home fragrance specialists loved by people all over the world. Released each year, Fresh Pine Needles takes me back to every Christmas I've ever been a part of, seriously. Notes of fresh pine needles enhanced with the richness of newly sawn forest woods are perfectly rounded with citrus and rosewood, making for a fresh and beautiful scent that will linger long after Christmas has passed. It is one of the most evocative scented candles I have every burned, and one I invest in every year. This year also saw Ecoya’s wonderful efforts recognised by UK Vogue, who listed Fresh Pine Needles in their Top Ten Best Christmas Candles. The esteemed style bible said of the collection: “For those who prefer their candles made entirely from natural ingredients, Ecoya's soy wax candles are a sound choice. The new festive edition, Fresh Pine Needles, pays homage to that most Christmassy of scents.”
Ecoya has also re-released another Christmas limited edition candle for those that love things a little fruitier, in the form of Sweet Fruits – an absolute stunner. The sparkling, passionfruit perfume blends perfectly with fruity sweet notes of pink grapefruit and guava, and is reminiscent of all of those perfectly blended summer cocktails that make the season merry. An absolute winner in my humble opinion, I recommend one for you and one for a friend!
The packaging for these special Christmas candles is also absolutely stunning as per, with the candles poured into luminous rose gold and silver glass jars, sealed with a solid glass lid and presented in fresh new packaging featuring metallic detailing and hand drawn illustrations. They are available as full size and mini size candles as well as mini reed diffusers, the latter making for brilliant stocking stuffers at just NZD $34.95.
New Zealand-based home fragrance specialists Ecoya are our very own masters of gifting in my humble opinion, creating beautiful seasonal scents and lust-worthy gifting options of their own each year. 2016 is definitely no exception, so get out there and grab them while you can!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Daily delight: Kate Moss for Naked Cashmere

Beauty news: Trilogy raising funds for Orangutan Awareness during November

Orangutans share 97 per cent of our DNA and are thought to be the most intelligent animals besides humans – but tragically, they are rapidly heading towards extinction due to habitat destruction and deforestation. To see what is happening in their homeland is devastating, and by just taking simple steps like avoiding buying any products containing palm oil is key to ensuring that this beautiful animal survives.
With a husband that works at Auckland Zoo and a long time passion for primates, I was pretty excited to hear that Trilogy is sharing the love with these incredible creatures this November as part of the annual Orangutan Awareness Week. 
Trilogy will donate $2 for every product sold on its website for the entire month of November 2016. This money goes to the Orangutan Protection Foundation (OPF), the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation organisation in the world, which actively rescues and rehabilitates orangutans and releases them into wild, protected rainforest habitats. OPF has have nearly 4,000 orangutans under their protection, which equates to 10 per cent of the world's remaining population.
Trilogy has supported OPF as part of an ongoing campaign since 2009, and donated $63,000 to date with the help of its customers.
My pick of the Trilogy collection at the moment is the brand’s NATRUE certified Pure Plant Body Oil (below), which is what I’m using daily to fight some pretty major scarring at several points across my body. At just $29.99 for an 110ml bottle of goodness, the new Pure Plant Body Oil is one of the most luxurious body oils I have ever used – and I am a BIG user of body oils. Designed for every day, all-over use, it is an unscented, silky as oil that glides on to hydrate, nourish and improve skin health. With Trilogy’s signature rosehip oil to repair and hydrate, sweet almond oil to stabilise the natural pH of the skin and apricot oil to soothe inflammation, it is a simple formula but one that works. A great natural alternative to the more common petrochemical-based body oils, Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil is ideal for use throughout pregnancy and on scars, and the fact that it is fragrance-free makes it both perfect for those with sensitive skin and a great option for regular perfume wearers as won’t mess with any fragrance you apply before leaving home on top. I have found that it absorbs super quickly on my post-surgery, super dry skin, and I think it will be brilliant for using after days at the beach over the summer months too.
Supporting positive environmental, community and social initiatives such as this, alongside providing a range of entirely natural, effective alternatives to synthetic skincare, is at the forefront of Trilogy’s commitment to looking after our skin, wellbeing and planet. This gets two MAJOR thumbs up from me.