Love it: Aesop's elegant new Redemption Body Scrub

Legendary skincare name Aesop opened its first New Zealand store a couple of months ago in Auckland, and I for one could not have been happier. I make frequent visits just for a gander and a sniff (not creepy, promise!) and have several of their products on my Christmas wish list.
Aesop is not your regular high-end skincare company. There are no big promises, no celebrity endorsements, no glossy packaging and no advertising. As a brand, they are committed to celebrating science by integrating both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, and the efficacy of their product formulations is world renowned. An interview with Aesop General Manager of Retail and Customer Relations Suzanne Santos told us “you need a blend of well-chosen man-made ingredients with exceptional botanical ingredients to make remarkable products”, and I personally have never met an Aesop product I didn’t like. I first encountered the brand many years ago on a trip to Sydney and after washing my hands with their premier luxury soap, I was irrevocably hooked. 
Aesop’s blend of science and nature slaps aside the ridiculous hyperbole that defines much of the beauty industry, and that includes their new launches, which are carefully considered. The latest is Redemption Body Scrub, a beautiful new addition to their incredibly chic line of body, skin, and hair products. The Aesop line is well-edited and strategically curated based on common concerns and heavenly scents, and the latest release is perfectly in line with the upcoming summer months and the shedding of many layers.
The super fine-grained scrub contains finely milled pumice and bamboo stem to slough away tired cells and residual grime, polishing skin thoroughly and preparing it for hydration (often Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm, in my case). In addition to the particles of pumice and bamboo stem, the delicate yet effective formula also contains pine- and fir-needle oils, giving it a clean, earthy, scent that is wonderfully unisex. Aside from the exfoliation benefits, Redemption Body Scrub also contains a gentle cleanser and leaves skin feeling polished and beautifully softened.
To maintain meticulously smooth skin, Aesop recommends you apply this once or twice a week while showering; massaging liberally onto damp skin before rinsing thoroughly. Heavenly.
This beauty is in store now and would make the perfect Christmas gift for him or her, RRP $43.00.


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