Beauty news: Trilogy raising funds for Orangutan Awareness during November

Orangutans share 97 per cent of our DNA and are thought to be the most intelligent animals besides humans – but tragically, they are rapidly heading towards extinction due to habitat destruction and deforestation. To see what is happening in their homeland is devastating, and by just taking simple steps like avoiding buying any products containing palm oil is key to ensuring that this beautiful animal survives.
With a husband that works at Auckland Zoo and a long time passion for primates, I was pretty excited to hear that Trilogy is sharing the love with these incredible creatures this November as part of the annual Orangutan Awareness Week. 
Trilogy will donate $2 for every product sold on its website for the entire month of November 2016. This money goes to the Orangutan Protection Foundation (OPF), the largest primate rescue and rehabilitation organisation in the world, which actively rescues and rehabilitates orangutans and releases them into wild, protected rainforest habitats. OPF has have nearly 4,000 orangutans under their protection, which equates to 10 per cent of the world's remaining population.
Trilogy has supported OPF as part of an ongoing campaign since 2009, and donated $63,000 to date with the help of its customers.
My pick of the Trilogy collection at the moment is the brand’s NATRUE certified Pure Plant Body Oil (below), which is what I’m using daily to fight some pretty major scarring at several points across my body. At just $29.99 for an 110ml bottle of goodness, the new Pure Plant Body Oil is one of the most luxurious body oils I have ever used – and I am a BIG user of body oils. Designed for every day, all-over use, it is an unscented, silky as oil that glides on to hydrate, nourish and improve skin health. With Trilogy’s signature rosehip oil to repair and hydrate, sweet almond oil to stabilise the natural pH of the skin and apricot oil to soothe inflammation, it is a simple formula but one that works. A great natural alternative to the more common petrochemical-based body oils, Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil is ideal for use throughout pregnancy and on scars, and the fact that it is fragrance-free makes it both perfect for those with sensitive skin and a great option for regular perfume wearers as won’t mess with any fragrance you apply before leaving home on top. I have found that it absorbs super quickly on my post-surgery, super dry skin, and I think it will be brilliant for using after days at the beach over the summer months too.
Supporting positive environmental, community and social initiatives such as this, alongside providing a range of entirely natural, effective alternatives to synthetic skincare, is at the forefront of Trilogy’s commitment to looking after our skin, wellbeing and planet. This gets two MAJOR thumbs up from me.


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