Hair how to: Gigi Hadid at the AMAs, by ghd stylist Bryce Scarlett

Supermodel Gigi Hadid may have had six different looks (yes, six whole goddamn looks!) in her on-stage wardrobe for the recent American Music Awards, but the glam-tastic host had one true constant: brushed-back, softly sexy curls that looked flawless with her every move.
The no-part trend (for want of a better phrase) has been all over the runways of late, but Hadid sported her very own high-volume take on the trend, her signature blonde hair teased tall rather than slicked down (as seen at some of the edgier shows).
The stylist in charge of creating the statement look was Bryce Scarlett, who works with ghd. “For her red carpet look, Gigi was wearing a gorgeous white lace gown that had a sexy 70’s vibe,” he said of her custom Cavalli, “and we wanted her hair to reflect that too. We took inspiration from Lauren Hutton and went for brushed back curls that would look glamorous, but still effortless.”
The look was the perfect marriage of volume and curls, and he kindly gave the beauty press a bit of a ‘how to’:
1. To get a lot of volume, Scarlett used the ghd air hairdryer and the ghd natural bristle radial brush in size 4, blowing out her hair up and away from her face. 
2. Once it was dry, he sprayed some thickening spray and backcombed it through. Since Gigi and her team wanted big voluminous curls, he then used the ghd curve soft curl tong to curl her hair. The one and a quarter inch barrel creates nice, bouncy curls, which was exactly what they were going for. 
3. Once her hair was curled, the stylist brushed her hair back to soften the look, giving it
a more relaxed vibe and the ability to effortlessly complement whatever dress she wore. 
4. Next, he teased the top for a little extra volume and used the ghd Platinum Styler to touch it up and get rid of any flyaways. 
5. Just before she walked out the door, he set the look with LOTS of hair spray.
In a word: flawless. And coincidentally perfect for party season...


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