Love it: Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie bases

One of the best things about having smoothies in the morning – or in fact, any time of day – is the ease with which one can be whipped up. Grab ingredients, chuck ‘em in the Nutribullet and bang – you’re good to go. But what about those moments when the supermarket has been a stretch due to the pressures of well, life, and your ingredient arsenal is seriously lacking?
Here’s where the Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Base comes in, a relative newcomer to my life that has quickly made itself right at home! Available now and desperate to lay claim to your freeze space, Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases are 100 per cent natural, pure, blended, small batch smoothie bases. Not just an overpriced sack of pre-chopped bananas and squished berries, they are packed full of energy boosters to supercharge your day in the form of a delicious blend of mango, banana, passionfruit, linseed and ginger, with a hint of turmeric and black pepper.
Easy to make – seriously just 30 seconds from freezer to shake – they taste great with whatever milk is on hand (I have mine with coconut and it’s amazing) and mean no prep, waste or clean up. Goddamn magic.
Unlike some others I have tried they contain no nasty business like added colours, flavours or preservatives, with the only challenge being squeezing the goodness out of its packaging (I find warming them a little under the hot tap helps). I’ve been adding everything from Super Elixir green powder to protein, chia seeds and oats to the mix and all have worked just fine – so you can customise without fear!
In a press release at the time of the launch of the bases, Brad Tilby, marketing manager Goodness Kitchen says they aim to give busy Kiwis a simple, quick way to enjoy a healthful life. “In the Goodness Kitchen we are all about creating fresh flavours and invigorating blends full of goodness, enabling consumers to enjoy their smoothie knowing that it not only tastes great, but it’s good for them too,” he says. “Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases are the perfect way to inject some much-needed energy into a hectic schedule,” he added, and we all know someone with one of those.
Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases (RRP $9.99; 4x 120g sachets) are available from supermarkets and gourmet food stores nationwide and come highly recommended.

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