Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Love it: Elizabeth Arden’s new Summer Escape Limited Edition Colour Collection 2014

With some of the cutest packaging on the block, Elizabeth Arden’s new Summer Escape Limited Edition Colour Collection 2014 most definitely had me at “hello, sailor!”
Reportedly inspired by “the alluring colours of the ocean”, the Summer Escape collection is nautical but nice and filled with sandy neutrals and vivid maritime hues that will work whatever your style. Actually, the beautiful periwinkle blue nail lacquer will work for every style in my humble opinion, but let’s get onto my faves from the rest…
The Pure Finish Summer Escape Bronzing Powder is definitely a favourite of mine, and will definitely be coming with me when I travel to Bali later this month. It’s a baked mineral bronzing powder with a unique marbled design that instantly brightens skin and soft focus microspheres to blur fine lines, and comes in the cutest navy blue, nautical printed compact complete with a deluxe-sized kabuki bronzing brush. Almost too gorgeous to keep in your handbag, really! There is also a Pure Finish Cool Radiance Highlighter that adds a rosy pearlescent glow to eyes, cheeks and lips and can be used pretty much anywhere you want to add a little je ne sais quoi.
For eyes you can choose from the hues of Pure Finish Cream Eye Shadow, each of which is highly pigmented and long lasting so perfect for days at the beach or nights at the bar. There is also a Beautiful Color Define and Highlight Eyeliner Duo, a dual-ended pencil that features a deep shade to line the upper lash line with intense colour, and a light complementary shade to illuminate the lower lash line - definitely travel-friendly and high performance to boot. Just add the Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara in a limited edition Ocean Blue 03 (a rich pearlised blue) for a little extra pop and you’re good to go!
Elizabeth Arden Summer Escape Color Collection 2014 will be available at all Elizabeth Arden stockists from 1 August 2014, so make sure you head in and check it out. Summer is most definitely just around the corner!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I try: Dermaplaning at FaceWorks, Albany

Dr. Teresa Cattin - who I’d heard about for years before meeting her, and always in rather glowing terms – is in my opinion New Zealand’s best cosmetic physician, and a top-notch woman to boot. A Medical Practitioner (MSc, MBBCh, FRNZCGP, FNZCAM) and a member of the Appearance Medicine Society of Australasia, she is also the owner of FaceWorks Clinic in Albany, Auckland, and creator of the stellar skincare range of the same name.
As well as being president of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine, Teresa is a national trainer in Botox Cosmetic and Juvéderm, training other doctors in New Zealand and Australia. Needless to say, she is a clearly a woman who knows who stuff when it comes to skin, needles and anti-ageing, and regularly travels to the likes of India and Paris to share her incredible wealth of knowledge.
Teresa has said that “there is no doubt that the results of any treatment that you chose to have, be it Botox or a Juvéderm will be greatly improved if the skin is healthy and well cared for”, and around 14 years ago she developed the FaceWorks range of skincare products with that in mind. Her clinic also offers non-invasive skin treatments that work together with injectables and good skincare to deliver great skin all day, every day. One of her latest offerings is dermaplaning, a treatment that I have to admit I’d heard little about but was gagging to try after a little research.
Have you heard of dermaplaning? More and more peeps have been asking me about it, so here’s the deal. It’s actually not terribly new. It was quietly introduced in the '90s, and is a technique that exfoliates the skin and removes the ‘peach fuzz’ hair on your face.
During a facial, a professional uses a tool that kind of looks like a scalpel or envelop opener and gently glides the blade along your skin to remove layers of dead cells. If you think about how a waiter at a fancy restaurant uses a tool to scrape the bread crumbs off the tablecloth, that’s kind of like dermaplaning. It doesn’t hurt at all, and the visible results are instant. After a session with Kim at Teresa’s clinic my skin really feels as soft as a baby’s, and most definitely does look brighter now that old the old layers are gone. It didn’t hurt a bit - bonus - and the only discomfort post-treatment for me was a little skin redness and tightness straight afterwards, bit of which were gone in a couple of hours.
It is perfect for those who have a lot of peach fuzz that they want to address, is ideal a couple of days before a bit event (the glow factor was through the roof) or as a regular treatment every 4-6 weeks in the same vein as a facial. It has made makeup application an absolute breeze for me - as in way less base used and blending virtually unnecessary, my skin is that smooth.
I’ll be interested to see how things play out over the next week as the hair begins to creep back, but feel confident after doing my research that the experience will only be a positive one! If you’re keen to try this nifty treatment or meet Teresa yourself, head to the FaceWorks website for contact details and to find out more.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Travel essential: Sávar’s Luxury Traveller Set

I’m off to Bali for a getaway in just under a month, and as well as securing an appointment at the incredible new Spring Spa over there I’ve begun curating a set of travel-sized beauty essentials to take on board.
The first in my arsenal is New Zealand skincare company Sávar’s Luxury Traveller Set. As well as being gorgeous enough to get declared gift-worthy, the set is full of beautifully crafted formulas that are deliciously scented and packed with skin-benefiting anti-aging botanical extracts and oils.
Available in three different combinations: normal/dry, combination/oily and all skin types, each pack contains 5 x 30ml individually formulated premium products which vary depending upon your skin type. From the brand’s soap free 100 per cent biodegradable Energising Body Wash that can also be used as a natural shampoo, to their premium natural moisturisers, the variation in each traveller set means you are definitely well covered.
GMP certified, Sávar’s premium natural skincare products work for both men and women’s skins and are suitable for all skin types including sensitive. They are packed with good stuff like New Zealand blackcurrant oil, organic bilberry, marshmallow extract, organic fig, lime flower, lemon balm and organic goji berries, and smell like pure heaven. Bonus!
The Savar Luxury Traveller Sets retail at $89.00 for 5 premium travel size products, are made in New Zealand and come in recyclable packaging. They are available at, leading pharmacies, department stores and beauty therapists and are most definitely an in flight and on holiday essential.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Love It: Lancôme French Idole Fall Look 2014

Very French, rebellious and oh so chic, Lancôme’s absolutely killer French Idole Fall Look 2014 is inspired by the beauty and style of an urban Parisian woman - and it is sheer perfection.
The beauty equivalent of the perfectly cut skinny jean, grey marle tee and luxe jacket - worn expertly cuffed and elegantly rumpled - it is pure French chic and incredibly wearable to boot.
French Idole features gemstone-inspired colours and shades of lipstick, eye shadow, and nail colour – each extremely wearable and appropriate for a wide range of makeup looks from chic to casual. Lancôme’s makeup artists are recommending you wear a sultry smoky eye in combination with natural-looking, sheer-coloured lips, and be sure to add a definite statement nail from one of Lancôme Vernis In Love’s three autumnal hues: 439 Topaze Rose, 387 Améthyste Brune and 197 Tourmaline Noire (above). All three are on the dark and mysterious side but feature just the right dose of iridescent pigments to keep things pretty in punk.
I’ve been playing with the L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick for the season, which arrives in a barely-there, naturally-looking sheer rosy toned shade named 188 Rouge Agate Sheer that is as subtle as it is sexy. There is also a beautiful eye palette on the range and a very wearable blush, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Artliner 24H in 01 Black Diamond - a totally rock n’ roll hue that is destined to become a true classic.
French Idole arrives in store August 18 for a limited time - get in quick as this collection is an absolute star and will inevitably be snapped up fast!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Meet: Enrich Massage Therapy’s Olivia Van Lierop

I’m a huge fan of massage, and try and indulge in one whenever I can. Swedish, Thai, Ayurvedic or Balinese, you name it and I’ve had a bash at it at least once. In an age of technical and, at times, impersonal medicine, massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach based on the body's natural ability to heal itself, and that’s what makes it one of my first ports of call when I’m feeling run down.
An absolute gem of a massage therapist that I’ve discovered of late is the wonderful Olivia Van Lierop from Jervois Road haven Enrich Massage Therapy. A recent arrival back in New Zealand, Olivia left the country nine years ago after completing a Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage.
“I was always super intrigued by the body and the way it works when I was younger,” Olivia tells me, “and I imagined I would go into physiotherapy or something like that but with a more holistic approach. My mother was involved in healing and was a huge influence on me from a very young age.” She started her career in podiatry, but grew frustrated with “only treating problems from the hips down” and wanted to work in a way that encompassed the whole body. Cue: massage, and a trip down South to train in different modalities.
After completing her training in massage she moved to Australia to work as a sports masseuse for a leading Australian clinic working with top athletes. From there she explored the idea of working on yachts in Europe, landing a position just two week’s later in Greece as a private masseuse, beautician and yoga instructor on one of the most prestigious luxury yachts in the world. “I was sent to qualify as a beauty therapist in London and it gave me a whole different approach to my work as a massage therapist,” she explains, “and I added more of a pampering, relaxing aspect to what I do as opposed to just taking a sports massage approach.”
Looking for further challenges she travelled to many beautiful parts of the world, completing her yoga teacher training in Bali and then returning to New Zealand, where she combined her talents to establish Enrich. She incorporates both a therapeutic and pampering aspect into almost every massage that she does, even sending some clients away with yoga poses to practice to keep their bodies in check.
“I’m trying to make my unique combination of the technical and the relaxation aspect of massage integral to what I do,” says Van Lierop, “because it seems like you have to go to a sports massage clinic to get a deep tissue-type massage to treat the likes of chronic pain and a spa to get something really warm and pampering. I think you should be able to go for a very technical, therapeutic massage but still feel like you’ve had some ‘me’ time.” Even if she has to do something “a bit brutal”, she likes to start with a soothing foot massage before moving onto the tough stuff, “and then finish with a facial massage to really release the tension before someone leaves the room. I also like to incorporate some hot stone work if someone is keen on that, it just makes such a difference.”
You'll find Olivia working from Enrich at 37 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, and for booking details head to:

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Love it: Go-To Exceptionoil

When I heard that former Mamamia beauty writer and author of Amazing Face, Zoë Foster Blake has launched her very own skin care line I just knew she would be a goodie. After all, people in the position of trying/reviewing/writing about beauty prods get to experience the worst of the worst and the best of the best, so if you had the power to create your own it would be pretty much bang on what you yourself wanted to use… and the best brands come from personal need.
Anyway, Foster Blake’s line is called Go-To, and is made of a collection of her essentials for a great skin. There are plans for it to grow in time, but for now the small-but-perfectly-formed lineup is made up of some absolute must-haves, the first of which I’ve had the pleasure of trying being the beautiful Exceptionoil. Pretty much a do-it-all-but-the-dishes multi-purpose oil, it is great for everything from dry heels to split ends, ragged cuticles, stretch-marks and even dehydrated faces (hello, winter!). It features over 10 glorious, nourishing, skin loving and healing oils, as well as lush butters and certified Monoi di Tiare for the most beautiful vacation-friendly scent.
From the get-go I lovde the fact that it’s in a tube not a bottle, like many of my fave oils - it makes it so much more travel and beach bag-friendly, and you definitely use less. It’s also insanely easy to use: just massage it into damp skin after a shower and you’re good to go. As it’s an oil and it’s winter I have been warming the tube up under the hot tap a little before I give it a squeeze, and come summer it will be going in the fridge when the temperature rises so none of the good stuff gets lost. It will definitely be in my bag when I travel to Bali next month, as apparently it’s great for soothing “sunkissed bits”, and because of the antioxidants, protects them from free radical damage.
So there you have it - pop online here and check out the rest of this beautiful collection because quite frankly, you’d be silly not to.

News: The Marr Factory returns for 2014

 Over the past few years The Marr factory shows - held at popular Ponsonby hang out spot and my local, Golden Dawn - have been one of the highlights on the local fashion calendar. The venue means that things felt a little more cool and underground than your usual local fashion affair, and the amazing hair and makeup looks could be glimpsed up close and personal, which for a beauty fan like me gets two thumbs up.
It’s a good thing indeed then that The Marr Factory is back for 2014 and once more at Golden Dawn, where a series of in-season runway shows will happen curated by Stephen Marr, and partnering with some of the sharpest labels in New Zealand: Karen Walker, Zambesi, Nom*D, Helen Cherry, Workshop and Kate Sylvester.
The six nights of in-season fashion shows will be happening August 17-23, and this year a very special eve will wrap up the week in true Marr Factory style in the form of a group show providing a platform for five of the country’s most exciting new fashion labels to present their collections. Eugenie, Harman Grubisa, Penny Sage, Glen Prentice and Georgia Alice make up the ‘MF Gatecrashers’ on Saturday 23rd August at in an R18 event that will be completely open to the public.
This year the shows will coincide with naming rights sponsor Viva’s launch of their brand new online shopping portal ‘ShopViva’, whilst guests will be well lubricated by Bombay Sapphire, Hallertau, Quartz Reef Wines and All Good Organics.
All Marr Factory shows are open to the public, with 100 tickets for each of the first five shows on sale now at for $45 each.  The ‘MF Gatecrashers’ show on Saturday 23rd August is R18 and will be unticketed, with capacity filled on a first come, first served basis.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beauty destination: Birkenhead’s Biba salon

Almost two years ago now I took a trip over the Harbour Bridge to a small-but-perfectly-formed salon in Birkenhead Point called Biba. Owner Belinda Watson had created quite the oasis in her beautiful boutique salon, and I loved my time spent there having an INOA colour and sipping on their ginger, lemon and honey signature tea – served with a side of homemade tahini balls – and talking to inspirational stylist about her views on wellness, beauty, business and more.
Fast forward to 2014 and Belinda has opened yet another Biba - just minutes’ from the existing, petite salon but in a spacious, loft-style space that concentrates even more on offering a unique, holistic approach to looking and feeling good.
Fuelled by the desire to offer clients an experience that encompasses mind, body and soul, award winning hairdresser Belinda - who has been cutting and styling for more than 25 years – has opened the new salon as a min-retreat, as well as a place wehere she and her team can focus on creating “beautifil, believable hair”.
In addition to a new look, the salon offers clients yoga and meditation classes, as well as growing her passion for “hair with heart”.
“Meditation and yoga made me feel beautiful in the body, mind and soul,” she says. “Being well groomed from the inside is equally important as it is on the outside. Even if you have the greatest fashion sense and the latest look, these are going to be quickly forgotten if you’re not feeling good about yourself. That’s why a balance of both inner and outer beauty is vital.”
Designed to be a sacred community space, at first glance Biba resembles a typical modern-day salon. What stands it apart from the rest is that everything – the chairs, styling stations and mirrors – have been especially designed to roll away, morphing the light-filled, loft space into a yoga and meditation studio and well-being event space.
I love the fact that her famous Biba tea and Bliss balls are still on the menu, and the salon has also activated a garden-to-glass approach with its home-grown organic veges and herbs infusing the healthy drinks on offer.
Her haircare partner of choice is one of my personal faves, Pureology (a luxury haircare brand committed to sustainability) along with L’Oréal Professionnel using the innovative INOA colour (named INOA for “Innovative No Ammonia”).
The new Biba is most definitely a destination to visit, enjoy and luxuriate in…  with a one of a kind approach that sees you leave with beautiful hair, and maybe even a whole new outlook on life.
For bookings head here:

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