Monday, March 19, 2018

Daily delight: Bella Hadid for Penshoppe SS18

Beauty news: M.A.C widens its NZ reach, and introduces Nicopanda

M.A.C Cosmetics in New Zealand has just announced that they are set to launch their full line-up of cosmetics through Smith & Caughey’s online store.  Officially launching this Thursday, the online partnership with Smith & Caughey’s will offer the iconic brand’s full range of core products for face, lips, eyes and cheeks as well as brushes and accessories.  Select limited edition collections will also be available through this channel.
“M.A.C Cosmetics and Smith & Caughey’s have a retail partnership that spans almost two decades.  Our first counter in New Zealand was opened with Smith & Caughey’s at their Newmarket location and this is a natural progression of our relationship.  We are delighted we can offer beauty lovers more accessibility to M.A.C Cosmetics” says Hayley Williams, Brand General Manager, M.A.C Cosmetics, New Zealand.  
To celebrate the launch onto, the brand will be offering beauty lovers the opportunity to pre-purchase products from the collaboration collection with fashion idol and major Gaga collaborator, Nicola Formichetti: M.A.C x Nicopanda.  This limited edition collection bridges punk with kawaii-cute funk complete with panda-imprinted eye and cheek palettes and bear-topped lipsticks, lipglass and brushes.  It is possibly the brand’s cutest collection yet!  The pre-sale will be available from both and Smith & Caughey’s Queen St from March 22nd until stocks last.  The collection will then launch in other select doors around the country on April 5th. 
For those unfamiliar with his name, Formichetti is the creative force behind some of the world’s most influential brands, publications, and pop stars. Nicola has created some of the most memorable and celebrated images of the decade. Italian-Japanese, Formichetti has been at the creative helm of some of the world’s most exciting brands: Mugler, Diesel, and Uniqlo.  Most notably and groundbreaking was his work with Lady Gaga as her Fashion Director, where the dynamic duo created her most iconic and talked about fashion looks of recent times.
NICOPANDA is Nicola’s most personal creative project. Launched in 2015, the New York based street-brand is best known for its edgy and playful approach to fashion and accessories. Always innovating, NICOPANDA is at the forefront of the fashion world with its hyper-creative philosophy and unique collaborations- true to its creator’s ideology. 
Here’s a little Q&A with Nicolabthat will enlighten you a bit more about this excitring new creative collab…

What was your inspiration for this collection and how did you bring it to life?
The inspiration for me was to create something that was new and different and focuses on creativity and diversity all the while being playful and fun. That’s kind of the inspiration for everything I do. I wanted to develop something that was personal to my brand and something that was special to celebrate my longstanding relationship with M.A.C. 
Together we desired something fresh, new and contemporary for this new generation of makeup users. I’m half Asian and half European, so it was important to me that this collection delivered a little bit of east and a little west. There’s a touch of street culture and high fashion. 
Ultimately, the panda was a big part of this inspiration. I originally created this character to represent a symbol of creativity and diversity. It was very important to bring the panda into the design and creative process. The packaging is clearly inspired by the panda, which is custom made and the first time M·A·C has launched something like this. It’s visually so exciting, elegant, fun, unisex, and everything we wanted to accomplish.  

Where do you find your inspirations for your designs? 
I actually look at everything! Seems very broad, but nature, the everyday, and music often inspire me. I love listening to classical music, Korean K Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop. Music is an emotional thing that can inspire colours, shapes, and designs. 
I also look a lot at the digital world. Social media is very interesting to me, you get to see what’s going on in Asia, America, Europe, and India it’s incredible. You’re able to be taken through this journey to all of these different places. On addition to Instagram, I look at Tumblr and Pinterest and use these forums to create inspiration boards. 
Another great inspiration is talking to people like my friends and my family, or even those I’ve never met before. I’m very outgoing and take every opportunity to get inspired by people which I’m able to do through travelling. 

You have been working with M.A.C for quite some time, backstage at your shows, how did this collaboration come about?
I started working as a stylist for M.A.C campaigns about 10 or 15 years ago. I’ve worked so closely with M.A.C ‘s Creative team and I always understood their visions. We would go from a super couture-esque type shoot to a sci fi like shoot, or a renaissance type movie. It was so much fun to be a part of this process. My favourite shoots and those I will never forget were those for M.A.C VIVA GLAM. They were always so glam and in the end, support a great cause so was always an honour to see this come to life.

The colours and the packaging are so unique – how did you come up with this concept?
The theme was diversity. To create something that was very feminine but also masculine. For the packaging, we wanted this to show polar opposite colours that worked together, just like a panda. 
With the actual products, I desired to create something that could go from day to night. Something that was fun and funky for the person who wants to take their makeup to the next level, but something that also works for someone who wears minimal makeup. The mix of colours is so couture. In the Full Face Kits, the pink, purple, and dark blues are a little more pop. The lipgloss, eye lashes, and face adornment add a light, fun, playfulness. We also did this gorgeous mint lipstick, Lipstick in Galactic Mint, which completes the collection so well. By mixing all of these colours, we were able to create something that is modern for today. We even created a makeup bag that’s a statement on its own.

What are the similarities and differences in creating a makeup collection and a fashion line?
The whole process is very similar! I love the diversity of both of our visions and ideas and mixing it all together. The way I designed this collection is very similar to how I create fashion. From sourcing my inspiration to the very end. 
Like any collaboration, I would first become very close to the brand that I am working with. In this case, M·A·C and I have a beautiful long term relationship so it was an authentic partnership and natural for us to collaborate together. It’s about finding out what each key player is good at and how we can work as a couple to create beautiful things. We are already in this very pleasant place as a pair so putting forth a collection based off of our views of beauty and fashion was so fulfilling. For this collection, we started with the panda itself and built the collection around that. It’s truly about polar opposites; that black and white contrast. 

How did the name Nicopanda come about?
Nicopanda is me - it’s my avatar. I love Japanese cartons so I wanted to create one of my own! The panda grew and became a piece of me that served as a symbol of playfulness and creativity. 

Who is the Nicopanda customer and what do you hope for them to find in this collection with M.A.C?
The Nicopanda customer for me is someone who wants to play and isn’t scared of trying new things. I desired to give them the materials to inspire their creativity and encourage that playfulness. My consumers don’t take things too seriously and are super young spirited. Not necessarily in age, but they exude a young energy. This collection is so in sync with that; sophisticated yet light hearted. 

What is your favourite product in the collection? Does it remind you or is it connected to any of your past designs?
It keeps changing! The whole collection is so unique and different and really fits with any mood or occasion. Initially, I was so impressed with the face adornments and now that I finally have these products to play with, the Lipstick in Galactic Mint has exceeded my expectations.
It definitely is linked back to my designs because it’s so on par with my vibe. There is this strong Asian influence and there is something so futuristic about the lineup that also feels very today and modern. 

The models you choose seem to be very unique and diverse. What does diversity and individuality mean to you in beauty and fashion? How significantly the industry has changed?
I really hope it is changing and I truly do think it is. People are talking about it so that’s a great move in the right direction – now we have to have more and more people scream and shout about it. 
The reality is, it’s hard to include everyone in the world when designing products, but we try to send a message to as many as we can when developing both my designs and this collection. Because of social media, we get to see a lot of different things than ever before. There are so many incredible things happening in the fashion industry, it’s great to be a part of this community and to push the envelope in my own ways. It’s not just about creating a product that people will buy but to send a message of inclusivity. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Daily delight: Anja Rubik for Saint Laurent

All about: Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

A few weeks ago I received a (quite literally) dreamy media kit from Dermalogica that featured their newest, shiniest thing. It’s a skincare product that harnesses one of life’s most precious essentials – sleep – for the promotion of great skin.
While we sleep our skin actively works to repair damage that has accumulated through the day, while also absorbing more actives. Chronic poor sleep is associated with accelerated skin ageing and less effective barrier function. In short, sleep is crucial to overall skin health - but sometimes falling asleep is the hardest part.
But back to this nifty new beauty from Dermalogica, and how that can help with your sleep. Called Sound Sleep Cocoon, it is an all-new, nighttime-only, gel-cream treatment formulated with motion-activated essential oils. The scent of each of these oils – activated by massage - is associated with getting a great night’s sleep, which is vital for healthy, happy skin. Other key ingredients include Persian Silk Tree Extract, which reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality, and Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract, which provides visibly radiant skin by the a.m.
Part of the genius behind this product is that rested skin equals happy skin. The better and deeper you are able to sleep at night, the better your skin is able to regenerate and restore itself from daily free radical and environmental impurity damage. As you sleep, Sound Sleep Cocoon works to reduce fatigued skin and restore vitality, and its heavenly texture is a joy unto itself.
In addition, Dermalogica has partnered with NuCalm to put a restorative night's sleep at your fingertips with the new Sound Sleep App that is available here. It includes a unique musical track that uses patented technology to help induce relaxing, restorative sleep, a DIY Deep Sleep Massage video, information on how sleep benefits your skin and loads more. Use it in conjunction with the new Sound Sleep Cocoon treatment and you’re well on the way to the land of nod! 
To use, smooth Sound Sleep Cocoon all over your face and neck as the last step of your nighttime regimen, and allow it to melt into skin overnight. You can also apply Sound Sleep Cocoon you're your preferred Dermalogica moisturiser to further enhance overnight hydration.
New Zealand sleep specialist Dr Alex Bartle from Sleep Well Clinics says, "Good quality sleep will result in healthier skin. Growth hormone is produced in our sleep that repairs and rehydrates our skin leaving it looking clearer in the morning." If that’s not enough reason to embrace all of the above then I don’t know what is.
This baby is available from today, on counter and here, RRP $143.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Daily delight: Kate Upton for Yamamay Lingerie

Hair how to: Guido for Redken at Valentino FW18

Often described as “whimsically beautiful” but also totally modern, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s designs for Valentino just get more and more desirable. For the FW18 collection at Paris Fashion Week, Piccioli looked to florals for inspiration, requiring a beauty look that was pared back and elegant to accompany it.
What Guido, Redken Global Creative Director created for the hair look was exactly that, and ably demonstrates just how gorgeous a simple pony can be. “Here at Valentino, what I’ve done is another ponytail… but unlike other shows, there is a lightness in this hair,” said the style maestro.” I’ve cut soft pieces around the face for a little romance, a little disheveled, especially around the ears that gives femininity to the ponytail and makes it less severe.” 
To get the look using all-Redken products:
1. Prep hair by washing with Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner and blow dry. 
2. With clean, dry hair, create a middle part with fingers and pull hair back into a soft ponytail. 
3. Secure pony with an elastic. Wrap a piece of hair from the pony around the base to conceal the elastic, securing the wrapped strand by saturating with Redken Fashion Work 12. 
4. Pull wispy pieces out from the pony, focusing around the hairline and the ears, and finish the look with a light spritz of Redken Fashion Work 12. 

Daily delight: Kaia Gerber for Penshoppe SS18

Beauty news: M.A.C VIVA GLAM X Sia arrives

Long before it was de rigueur to do so, global make up giant M.A.C were heavily involved in the fight against AIDS, through the sale of their Viva Glam lipsticks and other less high profile support like staff collections and helping out at various HIV/AIDS-related organisations. To say that the brand has made one hell of a difference for those living with HIV and AIDS would be an understatement - they are awesome and totally committed.
The VIVA GLAM campaign is the heart and soul of M.A.C’s fundraising efforts for the cause, and has also spawned a collection of seriously fabulous lipsticks and glosses to boot. The latest celebrity face (or perhaps not?!) to be named as a VIVA GLAM spokesperson is the enigmatic Sia, who blew fans away at her concert in Auckland last year. The cosmetics giant and Aussie-born musical wunderkind most famous for hits like "Cheap Thrills" and "Chandelier" have teamed up for a very special collab, which features just one stand-alone product: a M.A.C. VIVA GLAM lipstick, which has just hit the counters. The singer's team took to her official Instagram page last year to announce the partnership, which comes with a super wearable, warm red shade of lipstick that is destined to be a hit. 
As with every VIVA GLAM collection, every cent from the selling price of Sia’s Viva Glam lipstick will go to the M.A.C AIDS Fund, which helps women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Helping to drive fundraising for the M·A·C AIDS Fund have been a cadre of celebrity spokespeople.  Each connected with a specific shade of VIVA GLAM Lipstick, these spokespeople have made public appearances and appeared in advertisements to raise money and awareness for the fight against HIV and AIDS.  The inaugural VIVA GLAM spokesperson was performer, RuPaul. Since then, others have joined the ranks, including k.d. lang, Mary J. Blige, Sir Elton John, Shirley Manson, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Boy George, Linda Evangelista, Chloë Sevigny, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Debbie Harry, Lisa Marie Presley, Eve, Dita Von Teese, Fergie, Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus… and now, Sia.
Viva Glam Sia is available online and in-store right now.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Daily delight: Liu Wen for Vogue China

All about: Lancôme's ltd edition Custom Glow Drops

Over the past few years the Lancôme name has been absolutely nailing the new, exciting and innovative makeup category, taking on the boutique brands and staying one step ahead when it comes to creating new products, and bettering many of those already out there. Quite simply, they know what they’re doing, and fans love them for that. So it comes as no surprise that later this month Lancôme will launch its first ever ultra-concentrated liquid highlighter - Custom Glow Drops - in four unique shades.
The amazing – I’m obsessed – new drops are designed to work alongside the Teint Idole Ultra Wear line, which began with the famous, multi-award winning Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation. Since it hit the counter twenty years ago, Teint Idole Ultra Wear has morphed seamlessly into a comprehensive range of foundation products that’s ideal for creating any look you like in just minutes, to express who you are on any given day. 
After releasing Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick and Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage in 2017, Lancôme have pushed the boundaries of customisation even further with these new, limited edition, super shiny liquid highlighters known as Custom Glow Drops. With their high concentrations of pearlised pigments, these little beauties are designed –like the rest of the Teint Idole Ultra Wear line –for every woman to express her herself in whichever way she pleases, and to change things up at a moment’s notice… just because she can!
The four shades come with infinite possibilities, some of which are:
1. To brighten your complexion with a fresh sparkle, Champagne Glow is the way to go! Mix a drop into your foundation for a natural, subtle glow effect, or use it directly on skin for the radiant appeal of strobing, by applying on the tops of the cheekbones, the centre of the nose, and on the Cupid’s bow. 
2. To gently emphasise facial contours and warm up the complexion, the delicacy of Rose Glow is just the ticket. Mix a drop with your foundation to add a slight rosy flush that brings out the skin’s freshness and healthy bloom. For darker skins, use Rose Glow as a highlighter to add gentle definition to your features. 
3. To add a touch of sunshine, my personal fave Golden Glow gives the best result. Mix a drop of product with your foundation to get a sunkissed complexion, and if your skin is olive or darker, you can use it as a highlighter.
4. To sculpt, Bronze Glow is the formula you need. Those with darker skins can mix a drop of product with foundation to illuminate their complexion, while medium and light-skinned women will find it perfect for creating subtle and elegant contouring.
On counter from 19th March for a limited time at selected department stores, Farmers and pharmacies, Lancôme Custom Glow Drops are $55.00 each, and trust me, one is not enough!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Daily delight: Kim Kardashian for Vogue India

All about: the Jo Malone London English Fields collection

As of this week, Jo Malone London is launching a brand new limited edition collection, and as per, it is just breathtaking.
This year’s iteration of the Brit Collection, it is called English Fields and is made up of the truly heavenly Poppy & Barley, Primrose & Rye, Oat & Cornflower, Honey & Crocus and Green Wheat & Meadowsweet. If you are looking for something incredibly unique and new in fragrance, you have found your holy grail!
The new fragrances have been developed to evoke sunlight skipping across golden fields, as in: “the essence of the English landscape in five captivating scents”. They are the result of another collaboration between Jo Malone London Head of Fragrance Development, Céline Roux and Master Perfumer, Mathilde Bijaoui. The pair was also responsible for the sublime Myrrh & Tonka and festive favourite Green Almond & Redcurrant, and now they have teamed up once again on English Fields with fabulous results.  
Roux says, “growing up in France I spent my summers in the countryside, surrounded by fields. Since moving to the UK and having spent time in the British countryside, I’ve developed a fascination with the textures, colours and ingredients of grains and the harvest traditions in Britain. That’s when I started to think this could become a scent concept. There’s a beauty to the imperfection of the English landscape – I love the contrast of cultivated fields against the pops of flowers and lush pastures that you can’t control. That was the twist I wanted to capture in this collection”. And capture it she does, with Master Perfumer Bijaoui adding that she has really loved the unexpected element of working with cereals and grains as the focus of fragrance creation – “it’s somewhere in perfumery I have never seen before”.
The Jo Malone English Fields Collection scents are:
Poppy & Barley – rich red poppies, violets, fruity blackcurrant, barley, bran and powdery white musk
Primrose & Rye – primrose, golden corn, mimosa, rye and vanilla
Oat & Cornflower – oats, cornflower, hazelnut, vetiver
Honey & Crocus – honey, crocus, English lavender, almond milk
Green Wheat & Meadowsweet – green wheat, grapefruit, meadowsweet
The bottles that the scents come in are also completely unique – and new for the brand - and combine a shiny ceramic finish with a stone texture in earth-inspired tones. I love the look of them so much - they are totally fresh for Jo Malone London but work beautifully for the collection, and naturally, look perfect in situ as well!
Each 30ml cologne in the collection has an RRP of $116 and is available now – don’t hesitate as this release is destined to sell out!

Daily delight: Jennifer Lawrence for Dior magazine

Beauty news: Elizabeth Arden and Reese Witherspoon unveil the March On campaign

When Elizabeth Arden named Reese Witherspoon as their Storyteller-in-Chief last year, you just knew that it was going to be a match made in heaven. The latter isn’t known for being shy of addressing social issues, and the announcement of their new women’s empowerment philanthropic campaign called March On demonstrates just how committed to change Witherspoon and Arden are.
The March On campaign comes with a limited edition lipstick in the brand’s signature Red Door Red shade and signed by Witherspoon, which will be sold globally with 100 per cent of the proceeds donated to UN Women.  
An early advocate of women’s rights, Elizabeth Arden famously provided red lipsticks to the suffragettes marching on Fifth Avenue in 1912 – a fact I didn’t know until now but am well impressed by.  Wearing red lipstick, which wasn’t at the time a socially acceptable practice, became a symbol of the women’s movement and has remained an icon of female power to this day. As the women’s movement remains in force over 100 years later, Elizabeth Arden continues its fearless female founder’s legacy of advocating for women and honouring their ability to be forces of change in the world with the introduction of the March On campaign. 
March On is designed to celebrate women’s achievements, encourage women to support other women and includes a pledge to donate $1 million to UN Women in support of their work to advance women’s issues worldwide.  The limited edition March On red lipstick serves as a powerful symbol of unity and advocacy and invites women around the world, to signal their support for one another. 
“Founded by a woman dedicated to helping women, we are inspired by our history to help change the future.  March On honors this legacy not only with a philanthropic donation, but also with a campaign that asks women to unite to help each other achieve their full potential,” explains Kara Langan, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Elizabeth Arden.  “Whether by creating female-centric support systems or propelling each other in their professional lives, when women stand together they can enact great change in the world.” 
“There is real strength and camaraderie in March On and the feeling that we are in this together.  By bringing UN Women, Elizabeth Arden and women everywhere together we can help change women’s lives around the world for the better,” says Witherspoon.  “I have the unique privilege to not only tell these women’s stories through my production company as well as my relationship with Elizabeth Arden, but I also get to encourage them to share their own stories through March On.”
The March On Beautiful Color Lipstick in Red Door Red will be available beginning March 2018 for RRP$51 at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide, so grab yours and join the movement as #TogetherWeMarchOn