Try it: Clarins all new Gentle Beauty Soap

The word “soap” has appeared regularly on lists of beauty “don’ts” for some time now, and often with good reason. Many options that have clogged the toiletries aisle of supermarkets worldwide for many years now are dehydrating and responsible for stripping the skin of its essential oils, not to mention full of chemical nasties that have been linked to detrimental effects on the environment and the human beings who live within its delicate walls.
But Clarins are set to change all of that with the release of their Gentle Beauty Soap, a product for the face that is far more interesting than its simple name implies. And yes, you heard right – A SOAP. For your face!
Billed as suitable for all skin types and for daily use, this delicate soap gently cleanses while maintaining pH balance so your skin isn’t left dry or tight but nicely hydrated. It foams up as any soap would, and I suggest that you use an eye makeup remover as well for the delicate eye area to get things really clean.
The destined-to-be-a-sellout new baby from Clarins has gained EcoCert organic certification thanks to its 99.9% natural ingredients, and it is not like the soap of old: instead of containing harsh, drying ingredients, Gentle Beauty Soap includes organic shea butter, citrus essential oils of lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit and mandarin (it smells amazing) and hazelnut for its anti-dehydrating properties.
Lastly, this soap is a very large size, making it perfect for multi-tasking cleansing of the face and body to save time and energy, as well as money if you're on a beauty budget!


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