Want: my own Kevin Murphy Sewing Kit!

A couple of weeks back I spent an informative and convivial evening at Stephen Marr and Lucy & The Powder Room’s Urban Health Retreat, which was held at The Department Store in Takapuna.
Alongside some yummy wine and snacks I learnt a bunch of new bits and bobs about skin and hair, including new trends and innovations in both fields of beauty. Part of the evening involved a hair demonstration by some of the salon’s brightest stylists, including a “hair sew” by senior stylist Matt Huckstep. This basically involved adding some texture to the model’s hair and then an updo of sorts using a needle and thread, as opposed to the usual elastics and bobby pins. The end result was super sexy and “lived in” looking, as opposed to the stiff and regimented look that an updo can have. It reportedly can last for days, getting better and better with time. When it’s time to come out you just cut the thread, meaning there is minimal damage done to your locks. I like it!
It’s definitely something to try if you’ve got longer hair, and if you ask your stylist for a little demo it is apparently pretty easy to master. Having the right tools always helps, and I’ve just seen this cute Kevin Murphy Sewing Kit online – seriously cool! Kevin is the master of beautiful, slightly “undone” hair so this will be the ideal starter kit if you’re looking to achieve the same.


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