Redken Nature's Rescue Refining Sea Polish

This is one of those raves about a product you never knew you needed, but once tried, you’ll never want to live without: an exfoliating polish for your hair. That’s right, your hair!
Created by those clever clogs at Redken, Nature’s Rescue Refining Sea Polish is part of the Nature’s Rescue collection of paraben-free, sulfate-free and silicone-free haircare essentials, with plant and marine extracts, that remove impurities and build up while helping nourish hair. A total joy to use, the products have delicious water-fresh fragrances, cooling sensations and ocean-inspired textures, and are designed to be alternated with your regular haircare regime.
Refining Sea Polish is a gentle exfoliant that has been enriched with pumice to remove impurities and refine the hair's surface leaving it smooth and shiny. The product contains exfoliating grains of the aforementioned pumice which, when massaged into the hair, scrub away any built-up hair products, grit and grime your shampoo may have missed, while also refining and polishing. To use it, just apply the non-foaming Sea Polish paste after shampooing but before conditioning, massaging it gently into your hair section by section. The polish should be applied to sections of hair in a gentle rolling/circular motion through the full length of each section to smooth the total hair surface and to revitalize hair from root to tip. I have to admit that it took me a while to get my head around how this product works, as when I first put it in my hair it almost felt wrong, like sand in your hair after a long, hard day at the beach. However, it rinsed out way easier than sand – thank god! - and after it was rinsed, my hair felt like I had already conditioned it. Amazing! It’s recommended that you follow it with the range’s Cooling Deep Conditioner for the best end result.
Redken say that you can use this product every day, but I’d stick to twice a week at the most for normal and dry or fine hair.
I would love some kind of in salon treatment using this polish as it would be great to really get a thorough clean at the hands of a professional, so fingers crossed! Great stuff though, and I highly recommend you give it a bash.


  1. Just found your blog. Love your reviews and so keen to try the hair polish. I hate the feeling of sand, but have had good results with those 'salt-water' hair products in the past.
    How do you reckon it goes on dyed hair? Do you think it would fade colour?

  2. Hi! Thank you for the awesome feedback : )
    I have coloured hair and it hasn't faded it as yet... I'm thinking it will do the opposite and stop the true colour being dulled by product buildup?
    Redken are pretty serious about colourcare so would try and be as kind to it as possible I'd hope! The fact that it's sulfate-free makes it even more so...


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