Friday, August 26, 2011

Why you need: The Beauty Pod, ASAP

Whenever I make a trip to Magic Tan & Beauty for a Color Gloss pedicure or manicure I leave with not only seriously flawless nails, but also a new beauty tip or two courtesy of the owner, Petrina. She is a seriously beauty bible, and so I was super excited to hear about the products that took her eye at the recent Beauty Expo in Sydney, Australia.
The first she told me about is the Beauty Pod (left), an innocuous looking wee item that is reportedly taking the beauty world by storm. And after using it for the past week, I can definitely see why! The Beauty Pod looks like just a rather oddly shaped sponge, but I can now swear by the pretty-damn-near-to professional airbrush finish it gives when you’re using a liquid foundation – it’s seriously a marvel! The Pod is not a typical makeup sponge, but a non-latex, ergonomic, hygienic beauty tool that will save you serious time in application right through to full coverage just by varying the amount of foundation that is squeezed onto it. I must admit, my personal makeup routine is pretty basic, and this is a lifesaver when you’re a time poor, working mama like me. I often opt for a mineral foundation for day as it’s so damn quick, but this little Pod is definitely giving it a run for money in terms of speed and finish.
To use it, dampen the Pod until it swells up, then firmly squeeze out excess water, squeezing again in a towel to expel remaining water.
 Apply your foundation to the wide end of the Pod, then gently work in a patting motion onto the forehead, cheeks and neck area. Using the pointed end, the Beauty Pod is also perfect for applying concealer and it’s extremely easy to clean - just wash with warm soapy water, rinsing and air drying.
Love it!

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