I try: Priori Natural Perfecting Minerals

I was lucky enough recently to experience a Priori CoffeeBerry Yoga Facial at the hands of the brand’s New Zealand education manager Kim, which was followed by an introduction to their all-new Perfecting Minerals collection.
Expertly formulated and totally eco-friendly, all of the Perfecting Minerals makeup range contains CoffeeBerry extract, which protects and nurtures your skin without negatively impacting our environment. It’s also beautifully packaged in eco-friendly packaging made from biodegradable plant plastics rather than oil, meaning that you can feel fabulous as well as rather virtuous when indulging in its seamless mix of high performance and sustainability!
The first and only skin caring mineral line that contains CoffeeBerry extract – revealed to be nature’s most potent anti-aging botanical - the range includes foundations, an enhancer, a concealer (pictured) and a “finishing touch”. The foundation comes in six shades that cover most of the skintone spectrum, and can be applied lightly for a natural sheer cover, or layered for full coverage that looks naturally flawless. The unique properties of the minerals, with their concealing coverage, is ideal for skin conditions such as acne, Rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, broken capillaries, freckles, sun damage, blemishes, scars, birthmarks, varicose veins and dark circles. The foundation works to instantly perfect your skin’s appearance, and within two weeks, clinical results have shown a reduction in skin redness, dryness and an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin, which is pretty damn cool.
The ingredients are so pure that they can also cover and reduce redness after treatments such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing. The foundation feels weightless and is incredibly comfortable to wear, and it contains light-diffusing minerals that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too.
And for those of you unfamiliar with Priori’s CoffeeBerry line and the benefits and properties of this outstanding beauty discovery, here are a few facts:
• Unlike traditional coffee bean extracts which have been used in cosmetics for many years, CoffeeBerry is the patented anti-aging extract of the whole coffee fruit which has been clinically tested and proven, pharmaceutically validated and medically endorsed.

• CoffeeBerry extract is the most potent form of natural antioxidants of any fruit, vegetable or tea so far tested by the USDA ORAC method – with a minimum ORAC value of 15,000 – it’s three times more potent than green tea!
• Combined with its potent depigmenting properties, CoffeeBerry extract delivers superior anti-aging skincare benefits including a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a dramatic reduction and evening of irregular skin tones.


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