Win: a bottle of smooth, clean Broken Shed vodka

I love adding a little luxe to my life when I can, and I also love supporting local industries at all times - especially when it comes to the odd tipple as New Zealand has some of the best wines around! It also has a rather special new vodka that's been popping up around the chicest traps, called Broken Shed.
Broken Shed is a wonderfully smooth, vodka drinker’s vodka, and I can vouch for how easily it goes down! It’s smooth, clean and completely free from additives or preservatives (love that) and best of all it’s made in beautiful Wanaka, New Zealand. At only 64 calories per glass (the same as a medium sized apple, and only a third as many calories as a glass of wine), it’s also super waistline savvy! Broken Shed vodka tastes so clean, fresh and smooth that it's easily ordered ‘on the rocks’, also making for a devilishly dry martini when the mood takes you... yum.
Anyway, I have a bottle of Broken Shed (valued at around $74.00) to give away to one of you lucky puppies out there - just email with your name, DOB and address and keep all extremities crossed!


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