Love it: Chanel Hydra Beauty’s two new sources of pleasure

When Chanel launched their Hydra Beauty Serum in 2011, luxury skincare fans all over the globe went absolutely mad for its super hydrating, beautiful to use properties. And with good reason!
Now they can take their love affair that one step further with the introduction of two skincare formulas from the much-loved beauty brand that aim to “dress your skin every day, meet every need and suit very season,” whilst working in harmony with Hydra Beauty Serum.
These two little marvels are Hydra Beauty Crème and Hydra Beauty Gel-Crème, which moisturize, protect against damage and pollution, as well as beautify skin every day thanks to the very best of science and nature. To create these new skincare formulas, the white coats at Chanel turned to one of the most beautiful sources of inspiration: the camellia. They also pulled out a trump card: blue ginger from Madagascar. The camellia was Coco Chanel’s favourite flower, and as well as being symbol of elegance and perseverance, it helps skin to replenish and retain moisture. Chanel Research took a closer look at the camellia and its soft, velvety petals – so tender yet so firm, resistant to the environment – and unlocked its secret. Add to that blue ginger from Madagascar, which acts as a sentinel and helps skin to protect its hydration against damage cause by multiple external and internal stresses.
And, of course, there is the signature Chanel scent to lure you in: a delicate, ultra-feminine, soothing scent, with vibrant, sparkling fruity notes (white peach, watermelon) that heighten the floral heart (jasmine, peony, cyclamen) and the caress of woody, powdery white musk. Just delicious!
The crème is idea for normal and dry skin, which has a smooth, rich texture. Enriched with shea butter and a canola derivative, it visibly smoothes and plumps skin, for daylong comfort and strength.
The gel-crème is a little lighter, and specially formulated for normal skin with its beautiful sorbet-like texture. It gives a matte, velvety finish, so that makeup can be applied immediately after use.
For the very best results, Chanel say to apply your chosen formula of the two morning and evening after the serum, as they have been developed to work together in synergy.


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