I try: Living Nature Ultra Rich Body Cream

With the mercury dropping I’m all about hunting down some super duper moisturising products for the cooler months ahead, a time when my sensitive skin really takes a battering.
One absolute marvel that I’ve been spreading the word about is New Zealand natural brand Living Nature’s new Ultra Rich Body Cream, which is the latest addition to the efficacious Manuka Honey-based range of Living Nature Body products, including the Nourishing Body Wash and Nourishing Hand Cream.
A true wonder that’s also pretty damn luxurious to use, it has as its hero ingredient Active Manuka Honey, known the world over for its superior humectant properties and ability to draw moisture into the skin and lock it firmly in. Its antimicrobial properties ensure extra antibacterial protection, whilst the additional ingredients in this clever formula like Cupuacu and Murumuru butters are also nutrient-rich and promote even more hydration for your poor parched skin.
This cream is perfect for everyday use – several times a day if you like - on dry areas, and I love layering it on still damp skin after a shower for an added moisture boost. For even greater results start with a dry body brush prior to jumping under the water – your circulation will love you for it!
And if you’re in the opposite hemisphere to me and the days are growing warmer, this rich cream is also a treat when fighting the harsh environmental effects of summer like the dehydrating effects of swimming in chlorinated pools and at the beach and the exposure to too many sunshine hours on our bodies. Love this!


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