Love it: Ecoya Decadence range Zhou Xuan candle

I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to scented candles, but am also fussy as all hell and can name very few “favourites” that I burn obsessively. It takes a lot to impress me enough to be added to my fragranced candle family, but once you’re in there you’ll be there for a very long time!
One that has bewitched me from first sniff however is Ecoya’s Zhou Xuan candle from the Decadence range that was unveiled towards the end of last year. 1930’s Shanghai was known as the ‘Paris of the Orient’, and the jewel in its crown was the glamorous Zhou Xuan. A singer and star of the screen, she was singlehandedly responsible for the transformation of the Qipao dress or Cheongsam, which during her era took on a life of its own due to a higher hemline and dramatic figure hugging lines. Known for her collection of beautiful Qipao, Zhou was a style leader for her time and this beautiful candle is an absolutely stellar way of celebrating such an iconic babe.
The Oriental exoticism and romance that is Shanghai is captured perfectly in ark wood and musk, with just a hint of warm vanilla wrapping a fresh composition of Bergamot and Lemon in a rich, floral heart of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Rosewood. Just perfection, and destined to fill my house for many years to come!
Oh and last but not least there is the Art Deco inspired, cut glass jar that this little beauty is poured into… truly a must have. I've heard that the Josephine Baker candle - inspired by the famed dancer and her adopted hometown, Paris - from this range is another stand out star, can't wait to have a sniff!


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