I try: Blackmores NutriMulti + Whole Food Nutrients

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere like me then chances are you’re feeling the gradual drop in temperature that comes with Autumn and – I hate to say it – soon Winter. It’s the time to be boosting your immunity wherever you can, which in an ideal world would mean eating the perfect balance of organic fruit and vegetables with every meal and keeping away from the likes of coffee and wine. Yeah, right! With our busy lives it can be all too easy to forget to eat well, and a healthy balanced diet can be difficult to maintain.
Whole food nutrients, which are found in a wide array of fruit and vegetables, provide a fantastic source of essential vitamins and minerals that can support your bod’s own ability to regenerate. Nutrient levels can be easily affected by the likes of eating processed foods, illness and stress, use of medications, life stage, fad diets, lack of safe sun exposure and alcohol consumption – all of which many of us are guilty of, I’m sure.
With all of that in mind, a supplement is a great way to boost your immunity – but it’s a matter of choosing the right one. A very cool new release from Blackmores is their NutriMulti + Whole Food Nutrients, which is a nifty-looking dual layer tablet combining essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in one layer with an enriching boost of wholefood nutrients in the other layer for more complete nutritional support.
The ingredients in the whole food nutrients layer are packed full of many good things that aren’t often found in a typical diet like:
White Tea Leaves – a rich source of antioxidants which have free radical scavenging properties. White Tea is thought to have a higher proportion of antioxidants as it is less processed than other teas.
Reishi Mushroom – This has been used in China for thousands of years and supports the body’s response to allergens. It is also high in phytonutrients, including polysaccharides.
Wheat Grass – A ‘green food’ source of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.
And if that isn’t enough to convince you to give this little baby a bash, it’s a once-a-day formula, so you won’t be carting around a jar in your handbag or setting alarms on your phone to remember to take it! Magic.


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