Love it: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres

I love a bit of luxury here and there, and when it comes in the form of a truly original lip product then I get really excited about it!
In this case it comes in the form of Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres, which really could be the answer for women who want it all when it comes to lip glosses/lipsticks and lip stains.
Available in 15 beautiful shades, this unique little number gives truly skin-deep colour and a wet look that – quite honestly - lasts and lasts. Not exactly lipstick, not exactly gloss, and so much more than a simple lip stain, this beauty from Yves Saint Laurent is a whole new way to make up lips. They have successfully created a formula that has a soft, hydrating feel with a light glossy finish and an incredible wear time. It has none of the “drying out” factor common to so many lip stains, and has a super natural look whilst combining all the elements of a gloss, stain, and creamy lipstick into a single product. This hybrid has the long wear of a stain, the creaminess of a lipstick, and the shiny finish of a gloss, and I am totally in love with it. You can have your cake and truly eat it too!
I’ve been using two of these shades - #6 Caramel Tan and #17 Baby Pink - and have found them to be super versatile. You can build up the colour as much as you want, from a very light stain to HD color. It has such a light formula that you tend to forget that you’re wearing it, except for when you feel a light stickiness from the gloss.
This release arrives on counter in New Zealand on April 23 and I highly recommend that you give it a bash. We all need a bit of luxury in our beauty arsenal, and when it delivers like this does it fast becomes an essential!


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