I try: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

The first time I saw a fellow beauty editor sporting a BB cream I have to say that I was a little horrified. It had given her a bit of a ghostly appearance, and looked like a thick formula that needed hours’ worth of working in to get a natural effect. It certainly didn’t look like the “wonder” product that it had been made out to be, and I was a bit bummed. The idea of a BB cream was right up my alley – a multitasker that gave a natural but still flawless finish – but in practice this one looked quite the opposite to that.
This put me off wanting to try one myself… that is until now. The moment that changed my mind was being sent Smashbox’s version of the beauty buzz product, simply called Camera Ready BB Cream. Smashbox rarely put a foot wrong, so I figured that their BB cream would be worth a bash despite my misgivings!
The BB – AKA Blemish Balm - Cream craze began in Korea but has since hit Japan, China and the rest of the world over the past twelve months. BB Cream has been hailed as pretty much the end all of foundation, concealer, moisturizer, etc. as it’s a combined product that eliminates many products from your daily makeup routine, and not only simplifies foundation but also offers key ingredients that we all look for in makeup and skincare.
They aren’t all created equal though, and I’ve viewed a lot of them with some scepticism since my initial encounter. You can see why everyone is so hyper and excited about BB Creams - they are virtually the superman of foundations - but they are not without their flaws.
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream however, is pretty damn impressive. It doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores and is loaded with peptides, also banishing shine without giving your skin a chalky finish. The ultimate test was wearing it through a spin class, from which I emerged looking amazingly un-shiny – if a little sweaty from the neck down! If oiliness is your issue or humidity your clime, then I really recommend this baby as the ultimate everyday cover.
The shade I’m wearing is light, which is probably a little too pale for my leaning-towards-olive complexion, so I’m keen to try one slightly darker next time around for an even more flawless result.


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