Product makeover: Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie

At a wonderful, flower-covered launch a couple of weeks ago I learnt that Biolage Colorcaretherapie - the #1 selling Biolage range - has undergone a facelift of sorts, revealing new packaging, new product formulas, and two star new products; Bloom Masque and Shine Shake Spray.
The range’s main job is targeting colour-treated hair, working to protect colour depth, seal colour tone, and add a whole new dimension to shine to your locks.
The team of Matrix scientists took extracts from Orchid blooms to mimic the flower’s extraordinary ability to retain colour vibrancy, which explained the plethora of beautiful examples dotted all over Mount Eden bar Liquid Molten’s courtyard on the day. As well as orchid extract, the Biolage Colorcaretherapie range also contains a UV Filter, which protects colour-treated hair against the sun’s rays and prevents colour fading – a binus if you’ve got hair like me that’s just returned from blonde to brunette and fights the brassy tones on a daily basis.
A product I really love from the range is the Biolage Colorcaretherapie Bloom Masque, which “enhances colour vibrancy and softness with orchid extract and UV filter”. It’s paraben, silicone- and synthetic-dye free and is a real treat to use.
In addition to the take-home range, Colorcaretherapie also offers a Color Bloom Service available in salon that involves a relaxing massage and dual treatment. Love the sound of that! The service involves the application of a concentrated Cera-repair formula, which is then layered with Color Bloom Colorcaretherapie Masque to ensure knock out colour and shine.
If you’re not in the habit of having regular professional treatments on your hair then I suggest you start – when you’re spending a considerable sum on your colour then making it last that much longer just makes sense… so get in there!


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