Love it: my Top 10 beauty discoveries of 2011

Bestow Beauty Oil:
A true “food for the skin”, Bestow what I like to call an edible cosmetic, putting your skin on the fast track to goodness by using just one yummy tablespoonful a day. A blend of organic, unrefined, extra virgin seed oils cold-pressed from flax and golden flax to provide you with a source of those do-gooding EFA’s, Bestow is a bit like fish oil only better tasting and containing more essential fatty acids for your wellbeing. It also has the most beautiful packaging and comes with recipes for yummy goodies created using Flaxseed.

Kevin Murphy Young. Again:
From Stephen Marr, this is a treatment oil that offers exfoliation properties to expose fresh, clean hair every time you use it. Key to this incredible product is the properties of the herb Immortelle, from whose flower you can extract a water dispersable essential oil that can perform some pretty clever tasks. It is rich in antioxidants to help stop the onslaught of damage to hair, and really is the ultimate in “anti-ageing for the hair.” It’s the perfect choice for those of us who use hot tools as it’s heatproof up to 220 degrees, as well as containing a sunscreen to protect your hair during the hotter months.

The Eye Package at Louise Gray Skincare:
This includes an eyelash tint, brow tint and brow shape for $55.00. It is amazing the difference the use of a blue-black (as opposed to standard black) tint on my lashes gives me – my baby blues really popped - and my therapist Alison is an absolute wonder when it comes to shaping my brows to the perfect arch.

I’d heard it called everything from “a life changer” to “the emperor’s new clothes” before I tried Reiki, and now only think of it as pure, unadulterated love. I can’t recommend Rosanna from Mind Body Institute in Richmond Road’s healing hands enough, and she and her partner Ben are now also treating animals.

Yellow Diamonds:
Reportedly the capsule you need to dump toxins, burn fat and boost energy, these magical goodies work to improve your blood circulation and are especially beneficial to those with high cholesterol, poor circulation, insomnia and migraines. Often called a “wonder pill”, Yellow Diamonds also curb your appetite by stabilizing blood sugar while allowing your adrenals to rest. Think consistent, healthy energy without stressing the adrenals, which is pretty much how I started to feel about a week after I started popping the little devils. I am in love with how much extra energy they are giving me – a working mum of a toddler who does a fair share of exercise and feels it!

Sodashi Thermal Infusing facial at Mollies Sanctuary Day Spa:
This is an intensive boost of all nature’s vitamins and minerals - with a Warm Infusing Mask maximising the penetration of the good stuff into the deeper layers of the skin - and leaves you with incredibly hydrated and toned skin. To put it simply: this 90-minute treatment using my favourite skincare brand is more than just a facial; it’s Nature’s Face Lift! An absolute treat to experience, this is the perfect answer when you and your skin need a little extra TLC, and a trip to Mollies is always a treat in itself.

Cosmetic acupuncture with Marise Henry:
I’ve just started a course of treatment at Marise Henry’s clinic in Williamson Ave and am so far beyond impressed with the results. Think a reduction in the likes of fine lines, scarring and pigmentation, and deep relaxation thrown in for good measure.

Sodashi Samadara (pictured)
In my opinion the ultimate in anti-ageing luxury, Samadara is Sodashi’s “Ultimate Age-Defying Crème” and the ultra eco-luxe brand’s most powerful anti-ageing treatment to transform and reawaken the skin. A truly transformative number if just a few weeks’ use on my skin is anything to go by, it uses a unique alchemy of pure plant ingredients and rose quartz crystal water to promote the skin’s own natural healing abilities from within. Regular use dramatically boosts skin cell renewal to tone, firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and the velvety-smooth crème comes even with two rose quartz crystals to massage the treatment into the skin for maximum benefit.

BECCA Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation:
A pressed powder that uses only pure mineral pigments, this formula is designed for a silky, sheer, weightless finish to suit all ages and skin types, including those with sensitive or acne prone skin. With adjustable, natural looking coverage, the water-resistant mineral marvel is both easy to apply and super duper long wearing, and after trying a few mineral formulations on the market I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best!

Stila #33 One Step Complexion brush:
From Mecca Cosmetica, this dual-ended foundation and concealer brush allows you to blend both liquid and powder products seamlessly for a flawless finish. The synthetic bristles are shaped to imitate application with your fingertips, but are firmer and more flexible for quicker, easier makeup application and eliminate the transfer of oils and bacteria. Love this!


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