Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas countdown: one for the fluffy ones, Pawtect

Not too long ago our ancient cat – Piper – was in dire need of a flea treatment but it was after hours and the supermarket was the only possible solution. A standard critter potion was purchased, then quickly administered to the back of the crotchety old guy’s neck. Job done, and now on to the dog (a pup, Binoo).
An hour passed and then we noticed that both were frantically trying to tug at their neck fur, which was clearly causing them a huge amount of distress, the old guy in particular. Bits were being ripped out left right and centre and he was clearly in a huge amount of distress, which was just heartbreaking to watch. We attempted – insanely – to wash it off, which did a little but clearly not enough as he was still at it long into the next day. We vowed never to wipe that kind of poison onto an animal ever again, and even started to get a little suspicious of the vet’s formulas that contained many of the same ingredients.
The decision not to pour chemicals onto your animals can be tough as summer comes however, especially as in certain parts of New Zealand, parasites such as fleas and ticks are very much a part of the life. Thanks the sweet heavens then for the arrival of Pawtect in our household, a chemical-free flea and tick control pendant. It offers two years worth of protection and it supports your pet’s immune system and healthy skin as well as bringing about a feeling of calm all round. It comes in the form of a rather stylish little “silver bullet” which simply clips on to your pet’s collar and starts work immediately.
Pawtects are driven by technology rather than chemical applications, a technology that has been in use in Europe for over 10 years with people and for the past three with animals, primarily cats and dogs. It’s a unique bio-energetic frequency combination which has been designed to control fleas, ticks and mosquito’s. This is achieved in two ways:
* Scientists have proven that each bug has a different frequency that repels it. The specific repelling frequencies for fleas, ticks and mosquito’s have been incorporated into the computer program which then codes the Pawtect units.

* In addition to the frequencies for the bugs the developers of the technology utilise homeopathic principles (like cures like) and the frequency of key homeopathic remedies to naturally support the animals immune system to encourage their best possible health.
Through having a healthy immune system they are automatically less likely to attract fleas and ticks plus you will notice additional benefits which may include: a glossier coat, healthy skin and more content nature. Some people have reported back that their dog’s digestion has improved and skin allergies gone or minimised. All of that gets my tick of approval every time!
This Christmas get your furry friends a little piece of do-good hardware and you won’t regret it.

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