Christmas Countdown: Bread&Butter for boys

This countdown isn’t just all about the ladies, especially as there are a slew of deserving men out there on the hunt for a decent, no nonsense skincare regime that isn’t going to break the bank or involve an afternoon in a department store.
Well break out the champagne, because it appears that a brand new skincare range - designed especially for men – is making a damn good effort at meeting those criteria. Bread&Butter Skincare is formulated for the sensitive skin men get from shaving, and offers them a hassle-free skincare range, with the ease of purchasing online.
Developed in Canada, Bread&Butter Skincare is the result of one man’s mission to create the ultimate skincare routine for men, following years of experience working for big brands in the beauty industry. Founder Brian Lau says his idea evolved from research findings that men worried about skin irritation and dreaded the hassle of shopping for skincare products, and he decided to sit down and create a solution. 33-year-old Brian spent years building beauty brands in the world of consumer packaged goods, before setting out to build his own. His experiences in the industry were the spark of his big idea: to create products where nothing was put in, said or done without purpose, and to make effective skincare simple for men.
All face products are free from irritating ingredients such as fragrances, grain alcohols and parabens; moisturisers hydrate with no shine or dewy glow – avoiding that “made up” feeling; and a light SPF 15 formulation offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
And… there’s no dealing with department stores, cosmetic counters or supermarket beauty aisles – this range is available online at – a New Zealand based website offering national delivery. The product can be purchased in a 3-piece custom kit (any three items) for $49, and 5-piece kit for $69.
I’ve had a few likely lads testing this range for me and the word is that it ticks a hell of a lot of boxes. The product receiving the most praise is the Daily SPF 15 Face Moisturiser with the Daily Shave Gel running a close second, and all are 90ml, airline carry on approved!
Visit their website to find out more.


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