Falling in love with MOR all over again

We’ve all fallen in love with a MOR scent over the years, my current fave being Blood Orange in the Emporium range, which I have as a candle and as a body cream.
Well now you can watch your infatuation grow even stronger, with the Australian brand’s stunningly beautiful new collection of Eau de Toilette fragrances. Just one little spray is all you need – and all day, you’ll be surrounded with your pick of MOR’s dreamy fragrances.
They are also an absolute treat to behold – see Belladonna, above - think beautiful black or white square bottles bearing a MOR logo in gold, along with a matching tassel. Plus, they’re presented in beautiful boxes that bring to mind vintage hardcover books, making them the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest this sparkling season. Love them.


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