Christmas Countdown: Sodashi Space Clearing Mist

If your life is anything like mine, the lead up to Christmas is both celebratoty and exhausting in turn! With every plate of delicious treats comes another hour at the gym, with every extra glass of champagne yet another morning after… and as for the general silliness of the season? Sometimes it makes me just want to stay in bed with a good book!
Taking some time out when you need it – if you can – is a great idea, as is a bottle of Sodashi’s Space Clearing Mist, which gives a lift to your spirit by clearing and balancing the surrounding energy in your immediate environment. Think a more restful sleep, a better meditation… all the good stuff that can come from being totally at peace.
Its two key ingredients are juniper berry and frankincense. Juniper is known for its ability to therapeutically clear waste from both body and mind, while beautiful frankincense has a deeply comforting effect on the psyche and heals emotional wounds.
Just shake the bottle a little and then spray this beautiful mist around yourself or in an area like your bedroom or office, and use it as often as you need. Just perfect for a little escape, wouldn’t you agree?


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