Avocado love – in celebration of a true beauty food

I’m one of those people that eats avocados all year round if I can, no matter what the cost. One year I travelled to Los Angeles after a particularly lean avo season at home here in New Zealand and must have eaten three bowls of Guacamole in less than an hour to satisfy my addiction – I’m that avocado mad.
As well as being – in my opinion – almost the perfect food, the humble avocado is also an absolute treat for the skin when eaten or used in a variety of topical beauty treatments. Fresh avocado contains 11 vitamins and 14 minerals, including vitamin E, vitamin C, lutein, antioxidants and oleic acid – all of which are vital to your skin’s overall health and appearance. The avocado contains oil beneficial to rejuvenating your skin so is great for repairing and protecting dry skin, and this natural ingredient is also loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids to help prevent sun damage and premature ageing. Vitamin E helps eliminate cellular waste and encourages the growth of new skin cells, too.
Some clever DIY ways to use avocados topically are:
Avocado Soothing Eye Treatment
Apart from being the perfect shape to place under the eye, it is also a very effective treatment! Simply peel an avocado, remove the seed and slice one half into 1cm crescents. Lie down, placing a few slices under each eye, and relax for about 20 minutes. Bliss!
Avocado Mask for Dry Skin
Always cleanse your face thoroughly before using a face mask. Beat one egg yolk until it is light and frothy. Add the mashed pulp of half an avocado. Blend well. Spread the avocado mixture over your face and neck evenly; lie down and relax for 20 minutes. Remove with warm water and a face cloth. Rinse with cold water or use a mild skin lotion.
Avocado Oily Skin Treatment Mask
Take one egg white, a teaspoon of lemon juice and the mashed pulp of half an avocado and blend to a smooth green mixture for 20 seconds. Wash your face and neck thoroughly, then apply mask evenly on those areas. Relax for 20 minutes; remove with warm water and a face cloth. Follow with cold water or a skin tonic.
Avocado Exfoliating Scrub for Rough Skin
Place a quarter of an avocado, one egg white, two dessertspoons of oatmeal and a teaspoon of lemon juice into a small bowl. Blend together and apply evenly to your hands, elbows or feet. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water for softer, noticeably smoother skin.


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