What a steal: Qsilica Skincare and Capsules

I’m a big fan of taking supplements, and despite the fact that someone is always waving a new study saying that they’re unnecessary in this day and age I know that the ones I take give me results. In an ideal world we’d eat organic for breakfast, lunch and dinner, get adequate exercise and experience zero stress, but we’re not all in nirvana unfortunately, and often need a little help.
I’ve known about the importance of silica for quite a few years now, and the fact that all livings beings need it to survive. It’s vital for the developmental, structural and functional requirements of the body, and a great addition to your daily supplement regime for a number of reasons. Qsilica Colloidal Silica capsules are a great option, being high-potency internal supplements that conveniently provide mineral silica to your body and work to strengthen healthy growth and functioning of connective tissue, skin, hair, nails and joint cartilage. It can also help support strong teeth and bones by helping facilitate the incorporation of calcium into the bone structure, and as the capsules are gluten, yeast, dairy and soy free they are suitable for vegetarians. Popping 1 to 2 capsules a day is all you need to do, which isn’t hard by any stretch of the imagination.
The clever people behind Qsilica have also now introduced a way to effectively include silica in your beauty regime by creating a range that utilises the natural mineral Silica; with botanical-based ingredients to deliver anti-oxidants and nutrients to protect and renew the skin. The range is based on the principle that the secret to glowing and youthful skin, hair and nails, lies in supporting the body’s internal healthy cell renewal processes, by protecting and gently treating the skin with the powerful natural ingredient, Silica. Silica is essential for the production of collagen in the skin. The level of silica in our bodies is naturally highest in infancy and declines with age. When silica is used both internally and topically it is clinically proven to assist skin’s turgor, thickness and condition by as much as 30 per cent.
Impressed? I was, and even more so by the price point which sets the majority of the products at under NZD $40.00. Love that!


  1. do you need to take silica with any other minerals for optimum benefits?

    thanks for this piece...I brought some silica (same brand ) and took religiously, but this has just reminded me to finish off the pack. i think I paid for like $70-$80 for my pack (purchased in Mt Eden)

    all best


  2. Hi Mary, I think it works effectively on it's own... but with quality supplements I always think: the more, the merrier!


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