Love it: Absolute Essential's magical Eye Soothe

If you’re anything like me, then Spring and Summer bring with them itchy eyes and serious sneezes as well as blooming buds and warm evenings. It’s a cross I’m happy to bear – the trade off is pretty good! – but finding a magic potion to help with either is always a bonus.
My main problem is my eyes, especially given my eczema prone skin, computer time and contact lenses. Relief usually comes in the form of some rather dodgy sounding drops, so imagine how excited I was to discover the truly amazing Eye Soothe by Absolute Essential. Totally organic, this little bottle of goodness is made up of hydrosols Lavender Floral Water (organic), Rose Floral Water (organic) and Chamomile Roman Floral Water (organic) and is a joy to use.
The gentle blend of pure distillates has soothing, cleansing properties that are naturally effective for the delicate waters of the eye. When the eyes become irritated it is important to avoid rubbing the eyes, and the soothing action of a gentle therapeutic mist can help to minimise discomfort and aid effective healing. Eye Soothe is formulated to soothe itchy, dry and irritated eyes and supports natural healing. It is especially useful for eye infections or allergies, or for people who wear contact lenses. Just spray directly into the eyes or apply to cotton wool and rest on eyes for 10 minutes. Oh, and it’s safe for babies and children – and even pets!


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