In love with: Gareth Pugh for M.A.C

Around the middle of this year I first heard word that uber talented British designer Gareth Pugh was doing a makeup line with his long-time runway collaborator, M.A.C, but it seemed almost too good to be true. But come December 16 it will be more than just real, it’ll be in store for your purchasing pleasure!
“With a collection that goes from strong, deep and mysterious to light, fragile, and ethereal, I think we’ve created a truly versatile collection that hopefully you’ll be inspired by and want to wear,” Pugh said in a release, and if the samples I’ve just had a play with are anything to go by? You’ll want to wear it all!
Infusing his trademark esoteric experimentation into Beauty Powders, Metal-X Cream Shadows, Technakohl Liner, Pigments, Lipsticks, Lipglass, Studio Fix Boldblack Lash, Powder Blushes, Nail Lacquers, a Buffer Brush and a Makeup Bag, Pugh has delivered a seriously full collection that has his aesthetic stamped all over it. Imagine an assortment of futuristic yet primal shades in custom geometric packaging and you’ll pretty much nail it on the head – this collection is seriously fabulous.
The designer has said that he was inspired by everything from a hematite rock to butterfly wings, and the brutally angular lashes in the collection (pictured above) are the result of him snipping away at a bunch of fake lashes that MAC sent him with the goal of making them non-lash-shaped.
In my humble opinion the jewels in the crown of this collection are a mix of the unique and the wearable. They come in the form of a Beauty Powder called Elude – a translucent, neutral beige – and the two Metal-X Cream Shadows in Obscura (a frosty gunmetal grey) and Ardent (a frosty blackened burgundy).
Just beautiful!


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