I try: Browtician’s seriously good Slant Tip Tweezers

Great brows are one of your most serious beauty weapons, and done well, can take years and/or pounds off your face. They have become a feature to truly be reckoned with of late, with models of the moment like Arizona (above) and Bambi rocking a seriously strong pair that is the envy of over-plucked women everywhere.
The right tools are essential to achieve a great brow of any shape or thickness, starting with a quality pair of tweezers. The latest to cross my desk – and one that I’m really rather impressed by – is the selection by Browtician, a high end professional grooming range that is focused totally on brows.
Slant tip tweezers are the most popular tweezer and generally considered an ‘all-rounder’, and Browtician’s version is the one I’m using right now. Slanted tweezers are most women’s pick as the slanted edge is particularly good when tweezing your own brow, allowing you to ‘attack’ the unwanted hairs in your brow at an angle that is the same natural angle of your hand position, whilst still being able to see into the mirror and select the hairs.
Additionally the slanted tip is wide and tapered. The wide tip creates more surface area between the two tips allowing the selected hair to be gripped with a strong, firm hold. This wide hold on the hair helps reduce breakage. The tapered end helps divide and separate hairs so you can easily select the hair you want.
Browtician’s version is made from titanium-plated Japanese stainless steel and the tips are hand ground providing unrivalled precision. They come in their own case with a mirror and have a super sleek looking, luxurious black polished finish as well, so look extra sharp in your bathroom cabinet. Love that!
Browtician also offer a very cool set of Eyebrow Shaping Stencils that are ridiculously simple to use, even for your average brow novice. Some tips to use them are:
1. Always work in front of a mirror with good light.
2. Groom your eyebrows to reveal their natural shape.
3. To select the correct brow shape, hold up each of the black eyebrow templates over your eyebrow until you find the shape that best suits your face. Note the template number.
4. Match your template to the corresponding stencil.
5. Hold the stencil over your natural eyebrow and fill in with a soft brow pencil or brow pigment using a brow brush. Turn the stencil over and repeat on the other side.
6. After defining your desired eyebrow shape with the stencils, remove any unwanted hair outside the stenciled shape by plucking with BROWTICIAN tweezers or shaving with a BROWTICIAN eyebrow razor.
7. Finally, groom your new eyebrows into shape and dust away any excess pigment. You can set your eyebrow shape with a tiny amount of hair spray, hair gel or other ‘holding’ product.
For more info and a list of stockists visit their website here.


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