Love it: Sodashi Vanilla Body Butter

In my humble opinion, Megan Larsen and her team at Sodashi really can do no wrong, and every one of their products that I try quickly becomes a firm favourite.
I’m also a huge fan of vanilla as a fragrance – done well it can be classified as truly heaven-sent – so it’s no surprise that my newest obsession is Sodashi’s truly delicious and decadently creamy Vanilla Body Butter.
Rich plant essences and natural butters are beautifully blended to create this luscious body crème, which absorbs well while offering prolonged hydration for the skin. Jojoba -known for its superb skin softening properties - and coconut oil are combined with shea and mango butters to smooth and soften the skin and protect against environmental damage, whilst grapefruit stimulates circulation into the deeper layers of the skin, toning and tightening with every stroke. Last but not least, patchouli aids with cell renewal and aromatic favourites vanilla and ylang ylang add a sweet fragrant note that’s subtle whilst still remaining totally dreamy.
The application of this beauty butter is totally painless as well – warm it slightly between your hands and it blends in perfectly, leaving nary a trace of greasiness just moments after.
It goes without saying that like all of Sodashi’s products, the Sodashi Body Butters are completely chemical free, made from the highest quality plant extracts and essences sourced from around the globe. Based on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient philosophies and natural healing traditions, products are designed to work holistically to nurture the body. No chemicals, artificial preservatives, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances are used in the manufacture of the range and products are never tested on animals.
Sodashi products are also packaged in unique violet glass, with light filtering properties that protect and enhance the product held within, and look totally gorgeous on your shelf. You won’t want to hide this heavenly treat away, that’s for sure!


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