Scarlett & Greene's magical Zit Zapper

No matter how great your skin is, we all experience a break out or two every now and again, at any age. They certainly suck and usually arrive at very inconvenient times – hello photo shoot/date/event – and with very little warning.
A lot of the flash treatments out there for pimples are effective on the spot itself but unusually harsh on the skin, so it’s always good when one comes along that is a little kinder all round. Cue the arrival of Scarlett & Greene’s charmingly named Zit Zapper: an all-natural, fast-acting drying solution that effectively eliminates pimples, naturally. The Zit Zapper is the fourth product to be developed and released by Scarlett & Greene, a New Zealand-based skincare company (their "face" is my friend’s beautiful daughter Jaime, above) specialising in natural products for younger skin. The newest release can be used at any age however, and is refreshingly free from nasty chemicals too. It has been formulated instead using a mix of natural goodies like sulphur (absorbs oil), zinc oxide (reduces inflammation) and tea tree (antibacterial), together with salicylic acid (unclogs pores) to effectively heal those blemishes.
They say that the natural, New Zealand made formula is “scientifically designed to penetrate deep into your skin, blasting your zits, not your face,” which can only be a good thing!
To use, give the tube a good shake and then apply directly to the affected area after a good cleanse. Leave overnight and let it work it’s magic…
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