Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beauty sleep: Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum

The importance of a good night’s rest can never be understated as it affects many parts of the body, including the skin. The several hours you spend in quality sleep each night are a time of dynamic, system-wide repair and healing, and there have been proven links between the likes of lack of sleep and obesity, amongst other modern day issues. And I for one know how rubbish I look after far too many late nights, so I can see the direction correlation between good sleep and great skin too.
This way of thinking inspired Dermalogica’s newest treatment-product for mature skin, Overnight Repair Serum, which has been designed to firm the skin and restore its capacity to maintain suppleness and moisture. How we treat our skin today will impact how healthy and youthful looking it will be in the future, and even if you don’t see the apparent need for anti-aging and repairing products now, you can begin to use them as a preventative measure to ensure your skin is taken care of by the time we hit 50.
The all new Overnight Repair Serum "delivers stimulating peptide action and anti-aging benefits in a soothing, aroma-therapeutic base of botanical oils", and for starters, it smells amazing. Ingredients include the likes of Rose oil, Jasmine, Sunflower Seed oil and Carrot Seed oil, as well as Rosemary, Curry Leaf and Sesame Oil, which is deeply antimicrobial (works against bacteria). Current buzz ingredient Argan Oil is also in there to shield the lipid barrier, and it also inhibits the production of enzymes which break down collagen, and thus the underlying structure of skin tissue.
Formulated for application to freshly cleansed skin before you bed down for the night, this highly active serum comes in a 15mL white glass bottle with a silver cap, which help to preserve the active ingredients. Recommended usage is four to six drops, however dosage can be customised based on your own preference. It can also be applied directly or mixed in withyour prescribed Dermalogica nighttime use moisturiser.
Overnight Repair Serum has a recommended retail price of $148 and will be available wherever Dermalogica is sold and online at www.dermalogica.co.nz from 1st December 2011.

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