Love it: L’Oréal Paris' new Glam Matte Lips

Yes I know I harp on a bit about how much I love a matte lip, and how averse I am to the average lip gloss. So you can imagine I was quite perplexed - and intrigued - when I was given a chance to try a fusion of the two in the form of L’Oréal Paris’ new Glam Matte Lips.
Glam Matte is the latest innovation in the Glam Shine franchise for the beauty mega brand, promising what they have called “an outrageous matte effect”. The collection is made up of some seriously intense shades that are perfect for summer, with an on trend matte finish that makes them right up my alley.
I’m not usually a fan of lip-gloss because I can’t stand that sticky feeling – and these definitely aren’t sticky, which gets the first tick from me. And although technically a lip ‘gloss’, these don’t have that wet, glossy look you’d get with a lot of similar products, and unlike the traditional gloss are long lasting and as high pigment as it gets. The colour comes out as intense as it looks in the tube, which is not something that most lip glosses can claim. You’ll actually be hard pushed to remove all traces of Glam Matte from your smackers after a big night out - the colour stains the lips in much the same way a lipstick would hold and is definitely in it for the long haul!
The formula combines 30 per cent ultra-fine powders and 70 per cent light dry oils, which gives a soft feel on lips as well as a long wearing comfort factor that isn’t always part and parcel with the average matte lip. Your lips feel good and moisturised long after initial application, which is another major for me.
So, the verdict? I love these and they will definitely be on high rotate with a dash of bronzer come the summer months. The only bummer? There are only a few shades available right now, but hopefully more will come soon - the beautiful Fuschia Flare is pictured here.
These beauties are in store now, with an RRP of $23.99.


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