All about: The Aromatherapy Company's Therapy Laundry

One of the nicest things in the world is the smell of beautiful, fresh laundry, especially when it has been line dried mid-summer under clear blue skies and the sheets are as crisp as it gets! There is even an Eau de Parfum available from CLEAN that is called Fresh Laundry and captures the crisp yet delicate scent of freshly laundered linens. With just a few sprays, the “irresistible scent will embrace and comfort you just like your favourite linens,” say the creators, and its popularity points to exactly how many of us absolutely love that smell.
So, I was super excited about the prospect of having clean laundry smell on tap when I heard about The Aromatherapy Company’s new Therapy Laundry line, which is a new extension of the Therapy family and a must have in the laundry. The rather fabulous new range - which I have had on heavy rotate - includes a 500ml Hand Wash, 500ml Linen mist spray, a 150ml Static Spray, a clothing lint comb and a 150g natural soap bar. 
It is fresh with the essential oils of lemon balm for its antibacterial properties and lavender for its relaxing and refreshing aroma, and I fell instantly in love with the scent. My standout faves thus far are the Linen Mist Spray (well worth the RRP of $19.99) and the Laundry Static Spray ($18.99), which is as useful as it is pretty damn delicious to use.
Great for gifts and a new home essential in my humble opinion, this range comes highly recommended for laundry deliciousness all year round!


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