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I first met health and wellness expert/blogger Sarah Tanner many, many years ago, when she was at the top of a very different career trajectory as the owner of Sarah Priddy Nails. Her approach to her life then - as now - was focused and full of passion for the task at hand, so it came as no surprise to me that she was set to add another string to her bow with the arrival of greenleaf organics.
Kicking off with a delivery service offering “organic, superfood smoothies and little drops of positivity right to your work, home or event to help you nourish, flourish and glow”, it is destined to be a huge success if the early excitement around Sarah and what she does is anything to go by. Add to that the aforementioned dedication and passion and you have a winning formula! I put some questions to her about the new venture, and can’t wait to get ordering myself….

You moved from years in the business of beauty to a profile as a health and wellness blogger, which with what was happening in your life seemed an (pardon the pun) organic progression. Is that how you feel about the transition from STIL to greenleaf organics?
Well, the business greenleaf organics actually existed before the blog! It was just in a different form. Originally I was working with another businessperson in the beverage industry to launch chlorophyll water for the retail market. This is where the name comes from - chlorophyll is a Greek word which actually translates to green leaf!
Anyway, it was in a meeting with Dr Libby Weaver that we were talking about the importance of knowing how the chlorophyll is extracted before moving forward. I received the extraction process certificate from the manufacturers in Germany and was shocked to discover that acetone was used in much of the extraction. That was it for me. I didn’t take it any further. So this then led me to start the blog to document health and wellness as well as going onto creating a greenleaf organics that has total transparency in its ingredients, processes and purpose. So more a synergy than a transition if that makes sense? I feel like this concept has been waiting to come out of me for years!

Why smoothies?
So many reasons, but if I had to narrow it down, the convenience of maximum nutrition in minimum time. Whilst I do love a tall glass of cold-pressed carrot and ginger juice, smoothies provide me with everything I need, without the spikes in insulin levels that juice can bring. With the added benefit of fibre and healthy fats, smoothies, especially g.o. smoothies, are the ultimate in nourishment.

What is the story behind the smoothies’ beautiful names? Did you name them all yourself?
Yes! Everything you see about the brand, from the labels, to the website and trucker caps, is my doing. I am so lucky to work with a very patient designer who puts up with all my demands and brings them together beautifully.
At the risk of sounding naff, the names just came to me as I created and finalised each blend. This is when I know I’m on the right track, when things come easily! I just always knew I wanted the business to have a spiritual feel to it, and I think the names reflect this along with the affirmations.

Where are they made?
I make them all by hand in a shared commercial kitchen in Auckland. I’m on the hunt for my own space though! Any suggestions let me know!

Do you deliver them all yourself?
The first couple of weeks I have been doing the deliveries personally, and as of next week, they will be going out on urgent couriers. I really wanted to have that personal connection for the launch, plus it’s really nice to actually see and meet the greenleaf organics customer rather than knowing them just as an email address.

You have smoothie cleanse options, were they developed solely by you or in collaboration with a naturopath or similar?
Again, it’s all my doing. At the beginning of March I had double foot surgery and was flat on my back in bed for 6 weeks. This time, with the gift of a laptop and the internet, was so valuable for me to research for hours and hours on end. I would look at what companies were doing in New York, U.K. Sydney and even Sweden! Because of my time spent blogging as well, I feel I have pretty good knowledge of what works and the approaches to take. When we introduce a longer cleanse option, I would like to work with a naturopath to ensure the ultimate process for the desired outcome.

Will they be available outside Auckland?
With small beginnings, I have very big plans for greenleaf organics. Yes, eventually I see multiple locations, however, I am also very conscious of taking one step at a time. I think if growth becomes the main focus rather than how to make the current operation the best it can be for the customer, then compromise can start happening and I’m not into that.

Your business has just launched but already you have some great branding items out there like caps and super cute tees. Does this mean that the GO name will grow with more and more offerings adding to the existing smoothies, like food and...?
The caps and tees are pretty self-indulgent really. I wear them every single day! Turns out other people really love them too, so it’s a nice accessory to the brand I think. Whilst I am focused on keeping the business unique and specific, yes, there are range expansion plans, it’s hard for me to keep my kite strings tight so I don’t get carried away with wanting the business to fly!

Who or what inspired your business, and your everyday wellness journey?
My daughter Stella. She is my total drive for this path. I want her to be proud of her mum as she grows up. I want her to see what good health looks and feels like. I want her to see that when you follow your passion…the most amazing things happen!

Last up, what is your favourite smoothie?
My fave at the moment is jade, especially as it’s getting warmer, the mint is so refreshing. 


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