Why you need: dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

I’ve got a tropical date with a sun lounger in Fiji booked in for the end of next week, so I’ve been thinking all about sun protection – naturally. It’s something we all should think about year round however, and there are a few products out there making that just that little bit easier.
The marvellous dermalogica have always been known for their high performance sun products, one of my faves being the Solar Defense Booster SPF50, which now has that much more grunt! For those of you unfamiliar with Solar Defense Booster SPF50, it’s pretty much a sunscreen supplement specifically formulated to add full spectrum protection to your favourite moisturiser or make-up.
The new improved formula includes Smart Booster Technology for enhanced photo protection against harmful UV rays via free radical antioxidants, which is pretty impressive stuff. This technology captures essential antioxidants vitamins C and E (which are released when exposed to UV rays), delivering a greater level of photo protection when it’s needed most in a totally non-chalky, non-oily formula. Needless to say, being dermalogica it is totally without artificial fragrances and colours – a bonus for sensitive skins.
Super easy to use, you just apply it evenly and liberally to your face, preferably 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Or, mix it in equal parts with your moisturizer or foundation, then apply. For continuous coverage, remember to apply it regularly and reapply as needed after swimming and exercise.


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