I try: ordering my contact lenses online - at last!

Having worn glasses from the age of three to the age of 33, being able to finally order contact lenses in my – rather high – strength was an absolute joy! It opened up a whole new world of sunglasses, serious eye makeup and enjoying spending time in the water to me, but damn they are pricey. I usually just order my lenses from my optometrist and gulp quietly when I hand over my card, but lately some really good online options have opened up that are quick, easy and trustworthy to boot. One I’ve just had the pleasure of trying is a local website called contactlensprices.co.nz who let you search for the best prices for a box of your preferred lenses (and any delivery charge) and then send your prescription straight to the supplier. Just days later they arrive by courier, no hassles, no struggle to find a park – and you’ve saved money. To say that this made my day would be an understatement – for someone who spends such a huge amount of time online I can’t believe I haven’t done it before! Check out if they have your faves here.


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