Beauty discovery: Vede & Crede facial serums

Okay so this post is technically about two wonderful beauty discoveries: the dynamic duo of Michelle and Jeanine at Elle Health & Skincare and Vede & Crede Skincare. The former introduced me to the latter when I visited their serene Mount Eden, Auckland premises, where I had one hell of a great facial and left with a bottle of Vede & Crede’s Soothing Facial Serum. I’d never heard of the brand before but have become a raving fan almost overnight, using their stellar product to bump up my skincare regime no end. Vede & Crede Skincare calls itself a “gorgeous, sensual, organic skincare range”, and its formulas feature highly prized, time-tested botanical ingredients, essential oils and perfumes from Morocco, the Middle East and Ayurvedic India. It’s definitely different and definitely a joy to use if my serum is anything to go by, and the all-made-in-New Zealand is a true beauty discovery if ever there was one. 
Literally translated, Vede & Crede is Latin for "see and believe", and their reason for being is to create and celebrate luxurious, organic and botanical skincare that positively impacts your appearance, lifts your spirit, is gorgeous to use and benefits the grass-roots, local communities from whom they source most of their ingredients. Hallelujah to that. But on to the product itself, which - for optimal protection – comes bottled in glass that has been especially designed to protect essential and precious oils by filtering and controlling light absorption. Light and readily absorbed, their serums are based around the much buzzed about ingredient known as argan oil, which is exceptionally high in tocopherols (including Vitamin E ) and powerful essential fatty acids including Omega-6 (Linoleic and Oleic acids). The company use far greater quantities of argan oil than most, and it is premium certified organic, virgin, cold-pressed argan oil that they quality test in a laboratory. This is blended with virgin, cold-pressed, certified organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil that has even higher levels of these compounds plus extra antioxidants that are proving so important in the fight against ageing. I am absolutely in love with my Soothing Facial Serum, which is also enriched with superior Bulgarian rose essential oil to soothe and moisturise sensitive and mature skins. It feels incredible when patted on and absorbs pretty much instantly, making it fine for night or daytime use under sunscreen and makeup. If you haven’t already then I highly recommend you check out both Vide & Crede and Elle Health & Skincare – I guarantee that you’ll be impressed.


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