NZFW: Stephen Marr for Hailwood A/W 2013

Another of my favourite collections at the recent New Zealand Fashion Week was by Adrian Hailwood, whose Hailwood label is always a standout and never fails to impress. Like Cybele, he’s developed a real relationship with Lauren Gunn and her team from Stephen Marr over time, and it shows. The beautiful hair looks they work together to create for shows and campaigns are always incredibly sassy and luxurious looking, as well as super wearable.
Lauren says that the luxe European influence of the looks hitting the runway for Hailwood this year lead to a hair look “that could capture the simplicity and polish usually reserved for that elite class of beautiful people with nothing to prove”, and this understated glamour came in the guise of a stunning blowout with a hint of 1970’s wave.
“ When I saw all the rich layers of colour and texture Adrian had injected into the collection I really wanted to let the clothes speak for themselves,” she says, “with hair that had luxurious shine yet was beautiful in its simplicity.”
Isn’t that what we all want, really? I know I do, and here’s a super simple how to:

Step 1. Apply Sebastian Trilliant Shimmering Spray throughout your hair from roots to ends and blowdry to an off-centre parting.

Step 2. Spray a natural bristle brush with Sebastian Zero Gravity hairspray and brush your hair thoroughly, respraying your brush as you go.

Step 3.  At eye level, bend the front side-parted section over a hot tong until the hair is hot. Clip the section bent to itself for a few minutes to cool then take it out and give your hair another brushing.

Hot Tip: Keep a natural bristle brush tucked in your bag to keep your hair shiny and full all night long. One of Lauren’s favourite tools working on runway shows is a baby Mason Pearson - pocket sized and perfect for backstage touchups.

** all photos by Jessica photography **


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