Talking beauty with Steel Panther's Lexxi Foxx

 On October 2 one of my favourite bands will be hitting New Zealand to play a show at Auckland’s Powerstation – the phenomenon known as Steel Panther.
The Panther hark back to an earlier, simpler time when men with big hair and unfeasibly tight trousers ruled the Strip – think 80s glam metal, complete with wailing vocals, inane guitar riffs and reckless use of hair products.
Last year saw Steel Panther support Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Guns 'N' Roses and they really do have to be seen to be believed, so if that’s your bag then I recommend you go get a ticket ASAP.
I spoke to bass player Lexxi Foxx (AKA Travis Healy) a few weeks before they touched down to talk – naturally – about beauty.

Do you travel with a makeup artist?
I actually do it all myself, I worked in a salon for a while and developed my own style of makeup and the way that I like it applied. When we have photo shoots or are shooting a video we all have makeup artists, but personally I prefer to do my own as I don’t really like anyone else working with my face. I express my true ‘art’ through my face and hair and I like that.

Do you have a signature look that you pull out all the time?
Oh yes. I like to call it ‘Totally Bitchin’’ because that is how I look when I’ve done it.

How long does it take you to get ready?
A pretty long time if I’m really honest about it. At least an hour and more if I decide to tan myself. I have my own spray tan machine that I travel with in case we’re playing somewhere and it’s raining or winter and I can’t lay out in the sun. I never tan my face though – you put your face in the sun for too long and eventually you’ll end up looking like a catcher’s mitt.

How do you cope with on stage sweating, it gets hots up there. Any tips or secret products to share?
I actually have a fan in front of me at all times on stage, which helps a lot. It keeps my foundation in one place and it keeps my hair big – it’s an onstage essential. I also use cans and cans of Aquanet hairspray – it keeps my hair looking bitchin’.

I notice you thank Aqua-net, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline and the like in the album liner notes, do you ever do shout outs to your favourite brands, the way rappers do with liquor brands?
I don’t, but maybe I should start. I have some amazing endorsements in terms of guitars and amps but the most important one for me - if I were ever lucky enough to get one – would be an Aquanet endorsement. I pay like three bucks for a can and go through so many of them every week it’s insane. The other guys in the band use my Aquanet too. It makes me so angry sometimes when they don’t ask beforehand but normally I don’t mind sharing my can. I’m singlehandedly bringing that stuff back though and would really appreciate some kind of acknowledgement from Mr. Net or whoever.

Do you ever experiment with your look, like going brunette, adding a little colour?
No way, I stay as blonde as I do because I like to stand out. I just wouldn’t stand out if I were a brunette. I really look after it too, I am so careful with how much I colour it, don’t wash it too often and have regular treatments done. I’m actually having a perm done before we leave on tour for New Zealand, it should have relaxed nicely by the time we arrive.

According to the bio on the Steel Panther website, it was you that turned Michael and Stix onto make up; is that true?
Someone said I was bio? I like girls okay – apart from the time I was in jail and had to be bio because I’d run out of cigarettes.

Okay, Lexxi. Nicely done. On that note, is it hard to strike that balance between looking like a dude and a lady?
Well I like the way really lean women look and try to aim for that, but with a few muscles and a penis – obviously. I do like to blur that line.  The more that you look like a girl, the cooler it is I think.


  1. Ha, what a crack up! v.v. funny.


  2. Omg xD oh Lexxi. I love you xD

  3. That was a totally bitchin' interview. It needed more pictures though.

  4. Awesome interview.I think Aqua Net needs Lexxi not the other way around.LOL I would love to catch a commerical or a picture ad of Lexxi with a can of Aqua Net spraying his hair then the fan blowing his hair.Oh and that BIO comment cracked me the hell up!!! Thanks 4 sharing the interview:-)


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