All about: Pai Skincare Systematic Stretch Mark Solutions

Stretch Marks are one of those things – like cellulite – that plagues every woman at some point in our lives and by god, we hate them!
They are the unwanted reward for everything from weight loss to having a bub, and so many of the products released to treat them are often amongst the most toxic on the beauty shelves. I’ve heard of one in particular that pharmacy staff won’t recommend on principle to mums-to-be, and others that have left skin looking worse than before application.
One I’ve just heard about which is all good however is also Natalie Portman’s pregnancy skincare of choice – Pai Skincare’s Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Organic Stretch Mark System.
It’s a dynamic, all good product duo, made up of an organic oil and cream to be used in a two-step system to prevent and improve the visible effects of stretching on the skin.
The rich and replenishing oil (applied in the p.m.) intensively conditions skin to keep it soft and supple, while the deliciously buttery cream (applied in the a.m.) drives water deep into dry and tight scar tissue to minimise damage. An expert combination of Vitamins E & C, plus Omegas 3,5,6,7 & 9 protect skin cell structure and enhance elasticity, helping skin to stretch and bounce back into shape without showing signs of damage.
Both products are certified organic by the Soil Association and 100 per cent fragrance-free, making them ideal for use during all three trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. Understanding cosmetic fragrance dos and don’ts during pregnancy can be a minefield, so Pai’s founder Sarah Brown wanted to take this headache away by creating an Essential Oil-free formula, while also ensuring that their Stretch Mark duo was irritant-free at a time when women often find their skin more sensitised.
So, if you’re in the market for a stretch mark solution or know anyone who is then I highly recommend you check this magical little duo out – it’s definitely a serious contender for one of the best out there right now. Find it online here.


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