All about: evolu's new Regulating Gel Cleanser

I love a beauty brand that likes to celebrate, and in the past few months evolu has done that twice!
The first occasion was a party to celebrate 15 years in the business of creating bloody gorgeous natural beauty products, and the second was a very special ‘Supper for the Skin’ in aid of a new release.
The evening of Wednesday, August 22nd saw two very passionate and motivated women come together to celebrate creating the perfect blend – dynamic evolu founder Kati Kasza and Master Chef New Zealand runner-up Ana Schwarz. They put their heads together to create a special series of tasting plates at Auckland’s Main Course that utilised key ingredients from evolu’s newest release, the beautifully formulated Regulating Gel Cleanser. Both women spend a lot of their time dreaming up perfect combinations, and the results were outstanding when it came to feeding both the skin and the body – the plates were small-but-perfectly-formed but I went home more than sated!
The new cleanser has as its key actions oil control and the refining of pores, and uses some unique ingredients to achieve that. One is lentil, for which Ana created Mint and Cumin Lentil Cakes, which were served with rare venison and another of the cleanser’s key ingredients – cucumber jelly. A palate cleanser used rose and spring water  - another two from the cleanser’s line up – which were added to champagne in the form of a granita. Other ingredients featuring in the Regulating Gel Cleanser include Pomegranate, New Zealand Manuka Honey, Cypress Oil and Kumerahou – AKA “Gumdigger’s Soap”.
The cleanser has a delicious consistency, and although it is most definitely ‘regulating’, it won’t dry out your skin like many cleansing products for oilier skins do. And – like many of evolu’s releases – it smells incredibly and actually works. Love it!
The evolu Regulating Gel Cleanser will be available from October 1, 2012.


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