Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why you need: ghd Rejuvenation Cream

We all mean well when it comes to our hair’s upkeep, and have all the good intentions in the world of applying regular treatments and laying off the hot tools when we can. It’s a bummer for us then that “real life” intervenes, making us as time poor as it gets for the former and absolute slaves to the latter if we want a little polish added to our day.
So it was with great fanfare that I greeted the arrival of ghd’s Rejuvenation Cream across my desk, complete with Halo Headwrap to keep things glamorous. Rejuvenation Cream is an intensely rich, restorative cream with free-radical scavenging anti-oxidants that moisturises and repairs the hair cuticle while you sleep. Yep, that’s right: while you sleep. Incredibly quick drying, throw it on fifteen minutes before your head hits the pillow and leave it to do its work, it’s that easy.
And the results are pretty damn impressive too. Hair which is exposed to pollution, sunlight, and the likes of colour application can be depleted of its natural oils and lipids, increasing the possibility of split ends, colour fade and porosity, and making the hair un-manageable, coarse and brittle. Free radicals can be caused by UV exposure, they are harmful to the hair, and these can be reduced by using products that contain anti-oxidants like this little tub of anti-aging love. Deeply moisturising, it also promotes shine and contains UV protection. Love that.
Just apply a generous amount to dry hair from roots to ends and massage in a little so as much is coated as possible. Leave for approximately 15 minutes before going to bed - preferably in ghd’s super cute microfibre Halo Headwrap – then lay your head down and let it do its work. Rinse shampoo and condition as normal in the morning and voila – super rejuvenated locks.

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