Friday, June 17, 2011

Try it: Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief SPF20

For the past couple of winters I’ve been a regular user of Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair to save my often-sensitive skin from the full on assault that the season’s wind, cold and air conditioning bring with them. It’s been an absolute winner when layered lightly over my usual moisturiser, and even kept me from getting “ruddy” looking when I was rising at the ungodly hour of 5:45 am for a Boot Camp in the local park.
Last year the well-respected global skincare brand launched their UltraCalming range especially for sensitive skin, giving the increasing number of women who identify with this problem some relief after years of trialling products and caking on the foundation in the hope of masking the problem. Barrier Repair became a part of the pack, along with the likes of a new super gentle, effective cleanser and a beautiful spray that worked wonders on my skin after more than a few long haul flights a few months ago.
The latest addition to the collection of soothing products is UltraCalming Redness Relief SPF20, which must be the best multi-tasker to have hit my desk in the last few months. A three-in-one SPF moisturiser, it has been developed to neutralize, relieve, and defend against inflammation and redness induced by skin sensitivity and rosacea. Natural earth minerals provide a sheer green tint to actively counter telltale redness, while soothing extracts calm inflamed, irritated skin in need of a little TLC. Sunscreens, Vitamin E and phytoactive anti-irritant agents then provide critical defense against UV rays and help to control severity of daily flare-ups and long-term damage caused by the elements. Oh, and it contains no artificial fragrance or colour, two things that can trigger or exacerbate sensitivity in some people. This redness-reducing product also makes an amazing make-up primer for any skin type, but is not recommended for anyone allergic to chemical sunscreens.
Feeling sensitive this winter? Get thee to your nearest Dermalogica stockist now!

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