Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Try: Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation

I’m always on the lookout for a great new “weekend” foundation, one that is barely there but ticks all of the boxes, and as I’ve got older a tinted moisturiser just doesn’t seem to cut it. I love the finish of a mineral foundation but the cooler months necessitate something richer, and I think I’ve found the solution in the form of Max Factor's latest offering; Xperience Weightless Foundation.
Offering to provide flawless coverage without blocking pores, this product does live up to the “weightless” claim in its moniker, and is a joy to use. The thick, almost gel like liquid blends seamlessly into a soft, powdery finish that sits comfortably on the skin and, as the name would suggest, is pretty much weightless when worn. On the dewy side when it comes to finish, it’s not for oily skin but is perfect for combination ladies or ageing skin like mine that needs a little extra love when the mercury drops.
In addition, Xperience Weightless Foundation features a re-designed shade palette ensuring women can achieve the closest match to their natural skin tone.
Launching in six shades the new colour palette has been meticulously modified following Max Factor global skin tone research. The foundation experts at Max Factor created the Reflectance Spectra – a measure of light reflecting across the skin – that
revealed more about women’s skin tones. Using this, combined with their understanding of women’s desired end look, Max Factor selected shades specifically matching women’s skin tones to better meet their tonal needs. Based on yellow tones rather than pink, the Xperience palette has optimized hue variations that closely represent women’s skin tones and neutralises redness.
Comfortable to wear, easy to apply, and damn right flawless to the eyes, this well-priced formula is also definitely a steal, making it one of the best foundations I’ve come across in a while.

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